Sensing magnet sold by dangerous


I was wondering if anyone knows the Gauss of magnets sold by Dangerous things, around 2015/2016?


Here are my lab notes from back then;

haworth (w/o silicone 3.2mm x 1.65mm, with silicone 4.1mm x 2.8mm)

  • 1.850 (in silicone)
  • 3.231 (out of silicone)

m31 (3mm x 1mm)

  • 3.083 (out of silicone)

The gauss rating of the m31 at the surface has been measured on sample units from between 2800 to 3000 gauss, or 0.28T to 0.3T (t=tesla). We’ve used both axial and transverse measurements.

By comparison, we tested a haworth magnet coated in silicone and at the surface of the silicone I measured 1700 gauss or 0.17T. However, once I removed the silicone, the magnet surface gauss was 3100 gauss, so slightly more than the m31… but… the magnet was also larger. In silicone the haworth magnet is 4.1mm x 2.8mm, while the core magnet inside is 3.2mm x 1.65mm. Compared to the m31’s 3mm x 1mm design, that extra 100 gauss is clearly not worth the extra size or added bulk of the silicone coating.


Thank you! I was trying to figure out if there was a more powerful magnet for my finger. I bought from you, which means I have the M31. Which if I read all that correctly, I have the most powerful.

As always, I appreciate your time!