Sensing magnet?

I’ve been wanting to get and install the xg3 for some time now but the big thing that I’m after is being able to sense magnetic fields with it but I’m hearing from alot of people that it’s really only meant for lifting which is understandable due to its size, that being the case can anyone reccomend a reputable company that offers coated magnets meant for sensing? I know Amal doesnt offer them anymore due to the risks of improper coatings/lifespan and also their expense to manufacture.

Thanks for your time, Nate

If your in the uk, the price is supplied and installed as far as i know.

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In the US…


:face_vomiting: freedom units :rofl:


xG3 is the only safe magnet on the planet at the moment.

I got in February 2018 a magnet “Samppa” No Problems with the coating. Sensing and lifting is amazing. What I know is, you must find a bodymod who offers the magnets from Samppa or ask the bodymod if he can buy the magnets.

I must say I have the xG3 in my tragus and it is so intresting hearing magnetic fields.


Being able to hear magnetic fields sounds awesome! I do wonder though if it ever becomes annoying if you happen to work/live near a source of strong magnetic fields. what does it sound/feel like?

Feeling: i feel it onoy, when i hit the power button of the machine (for slicing: ham, cheese…)

Hearing: happens only atva security get, or when I put my esr in the near of a power converter

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Has anyone heard any first hand reviews about these? I’ve known Steve Haworth’s work for years and he’s fucking amazing - are his magnets any good?

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I have been on the edge of ordering one from him for a while. My finger is big enough for a xG3 though, so I have just been waiting really to see if anything better comes out.

Disclaimer: this is only my personal opinion and not DT’s or VivoKey’s.
I… would not recommend Sampaa’s gear - if only because he’s openly hostile to the biohacking
community. He also did parylene coatings (and defended them to me) on some of his stuff, which makes me personally question his expertise.

I’ve heard nothing but good about Steve Haworth, however.


Same here regarding Steve’s stuff. Only complaints I’ve heard is that you cant use metal tweezers with the silicone coating, (Or if you do, be very very careful) and that the sensing is a bit deadened by the large coating. However I’ve implanted one in someone else myself, and found it really easy to work with.

You can’t use metal tweezers with any biopolymer/silicone. Too likely to score the surface.

I had an early Cassox gen2 magnet but never got it implanted. I might contact him once everything starts reopening to see if those are still around.

Huh, looks like those never made it out of beta. I may well go Steve’s. Anyone know if they come sterile?

Yep. I forget how it’s packaged but it did come sterile.