Serious Question

I already have an XG3 magnet in my ring finger on my left hand, my question is if i were to get the XSIID implant in my right hand, would it be possible to light up the led in the implant by rubbing the magnet over it? Im an electrician by trade and the science checks out, im just wondering if anyone has these two implants and has tried this.

Nah, sorry. That’s not a thing. You would need to wave your finger over the xSIID 13 million 560 thousand times a second to transmit any power to the LED


If you where to remove your finger and place it in a drill chuck maybe. In all seriousness yes theoretically but as stated the chips rely on 13.56MHz so unless you could spin the magnet that fast it’s not going to do anything. Sorry

Edit: Corrected mHz to MHz


understood, I guess I should read more before asking silly questions

No such thing as a silly question, it’s always a learning opportunity.


Seemingly trivial but actually very important distinction. You can totally move your finger 13.56mHz. You definitely can’t move your finger 13.56MHz


Haha my bad, m vs M or milli vs Mega huge difference or 000000000’s difference.

I’ve edited my post to correct it to.

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