Setup guide for "practice" tags

I self-installed a Next implant yesterday and everything went great.
To prevent bricking the chip, I ordered some extra ntag216 to use as test subjects before writing more dangerous things to my implant.
From there, I’d like to know the procedure to set up those “practice” tags exactly like an xNT would be out of the box.
Could anyone tell me how to do that?
I’m currently using a phone with tagwriter or nfctools but I also have a proxmark3 in the mail if that is needed.


I’m working so I don’t have time for a full write up, but you can use the Dangerous NFC app that is used to configure the xNT implants.

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The xNT is a “factory” ntag216 chip with no changes… or some may have a text record written on for testing… but the rest of the config bytes are unchanged from factory. We released the Dangerous NFC app to help protect the NTAG216 against accidental or malicious configuration changes… but when it came time to release the NExT, we went ahead and programmed the NTAG216 in the factory to protect the configuration pages and disable lock bytes… so it will be basically impossible to accidentally brick the NExT’s NTAG216 chip.

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Challenge accepted. :woozy_face:


I was going to say the exact same thing, BUT then I read "accidentally"
Pretty hard to accidentally on purpose brick it

I always think I know what I’m doing right up until I break something



So you learn how NOT to do something, which itself is a very valuable lesson.

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