Shipping cost to Australia?

Hey guys!
I’m trying to order a proxmark but it’s quoting me $69.61 shipping to Australia.

Is that right? I just want to make sure it’s not a weird auto calculation. I often get things shipped by DHL here much larger and it doesn’t cost nearly as much.

Thank you! :slight_smile: I appreciate the help!

Outside of Dangerous things control unfortunately.

Have you found any shipping alternatives they could look at?

I’m in NZ so shipping is similarly priced.

What I have used before is an international “Freight Forwarder”
One called (based in florida)
they provide a US shipping address, so you would just have your parcel sent there, and they on forward it to you, for a fee, this is calculated by weight.
You pay the base fee, which covers the first 500g, and anything over, you pay per 500g a DT package, should be <500g.
SO you would pay DT the local postage, or, it may be free shipping depending on what you purchase, then the postage fee, so it could well be a cheaper option for you.

here’s an indication ( for a 300g package ), I have always recieved my parcel, but i wouldn’t say it was my favourte company to deal with. But it works.
There are other options out there, so shop around.

NZ Post also offer a similar service, so i’m guessing AusPost may well do the same.
Similar service provided, but better to deal with and similar pricing.

I know a somebody in the USA and I get things sent to her on occasion, she on sends it to me. So if you know anybody in the US of A that could be an option for you.

I hope this helps


@tac0s @amal may have another suggestion

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I cant speak to the services Amal be subscribed to since he has a business account but i can add that International shipping is absolutely ridiculous.

the items i sell are mostly less than an ounce and i ship them in black bubble mailers. This is using a shipping providor Pirateship and even dedicating time to make it absolutely perfect, accounting for additional fees i still run into issues with certain countries. a package i sent to @Az_F took 6 weeks and at one point was marked for destruction… Ive had packages returned because the description wasnt descriptive enough even though i only get 30 characters to describe the item and PCB LED Board was not enough.

This is shipping rates for a 1.4oz bubble mailer.

usually im pretty generous and send things out to DT members for free but i have them pay shipping because it often times isnt worth the cost of the item.


How does that compare to DHL or FedEx ? They are expensive but at this point they might be competitive

for me its about 10-20$ More.

DHL to Martinique wanted like 190$ for your stickers

I was recently in a similar situation, I’ve organised to buy an implant from a local partner and just needed a PM3.

I’m relatively new to the community but from what I can see DT offer great customer support and I would definitely recommend buying from them. But if you are relatively tech savvy, and are willing to take a little bit of a risk, you can pick up a PM3Easy clone from China for about a third of what it costs to get the DT one shipped to Australia.


I ordered 2 Value Bundles including 2 x NExT, 2 x Access kit and 1 x Proxmark3, order cost US$372.32, DHL cost US$264.43, DT did give me a US$35.87 discount but still US$230 is pretty steep for freight to Australia. I get DHL deliveries all the time from the US and they are not normally that expensive. On a positive note, the delivery was here in just a few days.

Those of you getting better shipping deals from DHL, please tell me what I’m missing.

Edited to add: Tomorrow I’ll be pouring over some of the resources I was DM’d.


I’m guessing it’s because either DHL in general, or the particular service they are quoting is an express service. I suspect that most people in Australia are probably used to their international packages taking a week or two to arrive (and are used to paying the “week or two” shipping rate). Quoting the reverse route with our local mail carrier gives AU$101 for 2-4 days delivery, AU$36 for 3-6 days, or AU$21 for Standard (probably a bit over a week).

I suppose some people probably use their implants for important stuff and want it ASAP, personally, I’m just messing around so I would be fine with an extra week delay if it dropped the shipping price by 80%.

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I had a chance to talk to @amal about this. While we work to find a better solution, those of you effected in Oceania can open a ticket with your order number and we’ll try our best to discount your shipping. Thanks for your patience while we get this sorted more permanently.