Shipping to Japan

Because Japan has a strict ban on imported needles, we cannot ship a typical installation kit to Japan. If you are ordering an implantable device that comes in kit form, the following will need to happen:

  • we will remove the transponder from the injection assembly.

  • we will place the transponder into a plastic tube with chlorhexidine solution.

  • we will ship the transponder inside this sealed tube directly to you or to one of our professional installation partners.

  • you will need to schedule an installation with one of our professional installation partners. They can install using a domestically produced needle and a taper (metal rod). For our 2mm diameter x-series products (e.g. the xNT or xEM) a 10g needle can be used. For larger 3mm devices like our xM1+, an 8g needle can be used.

Here is an example of installation of an xM1+ using a needle and taper.

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