Shipping to South Africa

Hi there,

Myself and a few colleagues are interested in having an RFID tag implanted.
We are in South Africa and we are wondering if we could rather arrange shipping via an expedited service like DHL or UPS?

Looking forward to your response.

Many thanks


Hi Brynn,

Yes! We are in the process of excluding all shipping methods except for FED EX or UPS to South Africa. Unfortunately, we have not had a single shipment that has made it last year or this year to our poor customers. Your forum post is quite timely. I’m in the process of reshipping 5 South Africa orders today on our tab using FED EX.

This method of shipment is unfortunately a little pricey. It would be ideal for you to contact me directly so I can consolidate you and your colleague’s orders into a single package. My email is We try to keep our international shipping rate to a flat $17.95 even though we usually send the items USPS International priority, which costs $55 on average. But with this service, nothing is getting there, and we are in the process of changing our policy.

Sending a single unit FED EX costs $125 dollars for economy service and guaranteed delivery in 8 days. However, the minimum weight we must adhere to gives us some breathing room. For this cost, we could theoretically send 4 kits vs. 1.

If this is of interest to you, please contact me at the email above.