Should I be concerned about my vein configuration?

I thought there weren’t any large veins in this area due to the recommendation of placement, but now that I’m looking at it and ordering soon they kind of look in the way… should the needle go over these when the skin is tented?

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I am no expert, but when I tent the skin on the back of my hand, directly above a major vein, I can’t see the vein through the tented skin.

The idea, is to tent the skin so you are pulling the fascia away from the underlying tissue. You want the needle to create a pocket, but I believe this will be above the major veins.

The best advice is to find an experienced installer who will know how deep to go, and where is safe.

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Don’t forget the arteries! You got a couple up there as well.


Pah, who needs oxygenated blood delivered to their extremities.


Meh, it’s not that bad. If you had a vein you just Gotta wait a little longer for the blood to stop before you can continue!

Haemostasis FTW!

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this is the best bit… but yes if i was installing i would mark out the bone (blue) and probably approach from the back side up toward but not over or under the vein in question. The green dot would be my entry point.


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