Should I be worried

How’s it going everyone just wondering if this is a normal amount of migration I’ve had my xsiid for about two weeks and a half maybe more 🤷 but since it has moved closer to my trapezoid bone I’ve been working on lots of cars lately so maybe that might have caused it just wanted to know if it’s still in a safe spot also this hand dryer was the bane of my existence the first few days after installation


yeah you should be fine.

the p0 is a lot of empty space. during the healing process (even after its healed on the outside) your body is still trying to find somewhere to put it and keep it. migration even to a varying degree of concern is fine. its not gonna leave the trapezoid area as your bones are there and there’s no gap space for it to gently slide into.

id not be worried

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Nice i honestly thought I did something to cause it’s migration although im actually digging it’s new spot I feel like I get more consistent reads where it’s at as well as more light :laughing:

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