Should i get a NEXT

so i want to unlock stuff and start my car. this will be pretty much mostly 125khz systems.
my work ID is also HID based.

should i just get the 125khz single chip or go for the NEXT to get capability for both
only issue is the printer i use. it reads my bank card and my work id so i assume it dose both frequencys. will it read one id constantly? or one random id? or not work at all?

If you use a multi-frequency reader there is no way to discriminate which tag gets picked up. Sometimes it’ll be 125k, sometimes it’ll be 13.56. Other than that it’s really up to you and your personal preferences.

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I just found this older post, and thought it may be of interest

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Thanks guys. I think the next is the one to know get then. It’s mostly for my own applications so I’ll be able to use non multiclass readers.