Should I wait or not?

That is the question with the Apex. I’m just curious do you guys think I should make the go ahead of the Spark 2 or wait a bit longer and get the Apex when it releases.

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Define “bit”…

Less than a year

Then I’d noncommittally and unhelpfully say that it’s possible it comes out by next summer… or maybe not :slight_smile:

It seems more and more like the Apex is to implants what Duke Nukem Forever was to video games - with the important difference that DNF was kind of shit when it finally came out.

Waiting sucks.
Just don’t use up all good positions before the Apex comes.


While I can’t give official statements… I’m confident it’ll be by then. God, I hope so too.

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My biggest thing is payment. If it will be unable to have it from the get go, I may consider working a card from the UK here.

I do want the APEX for the password features. My memory is garbage.

I’m in my thirties. A bit for me is a year or two. Time moves very fast

You got the logic backwards: the older you are, the more insignificant one year is. Like, for a five year old, one year is twenty percent of their life. Three percent for you. One percent for Cher.

I’ve got nothing backwards. You live long enough you realise that time means les and less

Yes you’re correct. I misunderstood you. We’re essentially saying the same thing.

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Technical capability: that’s why we’re still waiting.

Bank support: More complex.