Should the xG3 move and always hurt?

I have an xG3v1 in right knifes edge and xG3v2 in L1. There’s multiple places that people have installed the xG3. You might find some more areas with a forum search, and see if their chosen location worked for them. Different areas have different pros and cons, so make sure to read their updates as well.

ask your installer how he is gonna clean it again but soaking it in chlrohexidine can work

Knife edge is a good spot in my opinion

The back of the hand can work too

or that spot
it works out for me atleast

ah, check out this thread, i stole most of the pictures from there


Thanks, I like the first spot. Now to see if I can at least get the v1 returned for a v2 since I should have had two v2’s from the beginning and found out post-install. It was pretty clear the entire time the only purpose is lifting, not sensing. I don’t really care for sensing stuff.

Did DT send you the wrong Magnet?
I cant really imagine that because they are labeled as V1 and V2 on the box afaik

Also sending it to DT to get it sterilised and reloaded is propably an option - i dont know how much they will charge for that but you can hit them up via the orange question mark button on the website

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Yea sent me the wrong one and Amal knows (with proof) 3 days ago and has checked up since, but haven’t received any reply. I’ll give them until tomorrow before I try other methods. It’s strange as normally he’s back to me by now.

And you noticed it after the installation?

Was it misslabeled?

just asking out of curiosity

ah and don’t worry, They will get back to you - they are also busy and not a company like amazon with a support team with thousands of persons 24/7 so give them some time :slight_smile:

have u used the contact form on the website? Forum DMS are not really for support and overseen some times

I couldn’t find which magnet was which and forgot there were 2 versions until Monday. It’ll be figured out.

Anywhere you would put a RFID x-series implant. The xg3 isn’t designed as a fingertip magnet, the titan fills that role. There is a very good reason why the titan is so much smaller than the xg3