Should the xG3 move and always hurt?

I got one installed in each middle finger on June 10th and have had a horrible experience since. This is different from the first time I had a magnet installed by Brian Decker 7 years ago which had no issues and worked fine. Personally, those magnets are superior in almost every way at the moment.

Should the magnets move in the finger and hurt all the time? Should I not be able to put force on them or flatten my finger on a hard surface because they’re so big and take up so much room in a finger? If pressure is applied to the magnet it’s literally trying to push itself out of the cut and you can see the ends of the magnet with how close to the surface it is.

Would it have made any difference to inject it instead of cut? We couldn’t figure it out.

How long should I give it before I decide to cut it out of my finger myself? Every day I want to do that as it’s not worth any of the pain so far. I can’t even use all of my fingers to open jars because it applies pressure on the magnet which ends up hurting. I can’t even use a mouse wheel properly or pick heavy things up properly.

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How long has it been since install?
Also, did you get them implanted on the gripping side of your fingers?
I’ve been in love withy xG3v1, but it’s been in my knife edge and not a gripping surface area so it doesn’t get in my way. I also just installed an xG3v2 in the top of my hand which I don’t foresee an issue with since it’s out of the way. Like the saying goes, location… location…location lol
Welcome to the forum though! Hope some smarter folks here can help with your issues

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Excuse my ignorance, I don’t have any bio-magnets myself, But
How do you mean? You haven’t said how the other magent is/was better? Only that you xG3s are uncomfortable.

Could it be the your previous one was simply installed better? Was it installed in the same location?
If the syringe method hasn’t worked for you, have you considered removing the xG3s and having a scalpel install install.
From what I have heard, Brian Decker is a skilled BodyMod artist, so If he also installed the magnet, that could be a discerning factor.
You mentioned “We couldn’t figure it out.” who is we? Was it an experienced bodymod / piercer / doctor that did the install?

What form factor was the Brian Decker one? Are you comparing apples with oranges?

Was it safe? did it start to disintergrate? Do you still have it installed? If not, why did you remove it?

You installed it 10 days ago, Sorry I can’t help you with the expected healing time, But I would say, the xG3 needle is large and the fingers have many nerves, Nerves can take some time to heal, so you may need to give it longer.
There are many other people that can give you their personal experienced advice.

The xG3 magnets I have seen other metion here on the forum all seem to be happy with thier choice
Here is some Magnet :magnet: candy if you haven’t seen it

This may also be of interest to you

In the mean time:

Maybe some pain killers to take the edge of :man_shrugging:

At the end of the day, If they are too uncomfortable, I would suggest you remove them, or just one, until the other heals, so that you are not left “incapacitated” with 2, then reinstall the other one later.
( Personally I wouldn’t )

Let us know what you choose

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Personally, for my fingers only, yes sounds like what I’d expect.

People don’t typically go for fingers with a xG3 tho.
Feels like half of the xG3 finger installs fail or reject soon after.
xG3 is not really a sensing magnet, at least not a typical one, don’t put that in your finger unless you know there’s room for it.
Go grab a titan, that’s meant for fingers.

Emily idk, if I were you I’d remove them tbh.

This is concerning me, a wound should be closed after 10 days if you ask me.
EDIT: Or do you mean it shines through the skin? That be okayish, like if it’s just a bit dark there, okay, if you can clearly see it’s glass I’d be concerned again.

Keep in mind I’m a noob and you shouldn’t listen to me, but I really really do not like 3mm xSeries in fingers. I’d say get 'em out. Go to a doc or your installer, you really don’t want an infection fucking with your healing process.

Yes it’d probably be a worse install if you injected it. I’ve been told when you know what you do scalpel work is much safer than needle stuff. Alone from the fact that you’re only making one initial cut and then don’t use sharp objects anymore.

I installed an identical magnet in the pad of my left ring finger. I purposefully didn’t put pressure on it for about a month. I know not everyone has that option depending on their line of work. I didn’t even use it for typing for the first 2 weeks after it was installed. I started slowly using it more, and more every day after the first 30 days. I never experienced any pain, but yeah it does kinda move a bit. I seems to have a channel where it can migrate up towards the end of the finger and back towards the entry wound that is now scar tissue. Sometime it does migrate from the spot where I want it (as far forward as possible) and I just slide it back up. It doesn’t hurt when I do this, and it doesn’t happen that frequently. I doesn’t even hurt if I do it on purpose. Maybe it went in too deep and it’s sitting right up against the bone? I would say maybe it’s sitting too close to a nerve, but that’s kind of the point. You want it close to the nerves for sensing. If there was nerve damage during the install, it would make more sense to be feeling less pain, not more pain. Do you think it may be too close to the bone?

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(have had covid since last week and am just now able to get to this)

Since June 3, 2022
What do you mean by gripping side? They’re in the middle part of the middle fingers. I can’t use my ring fingers anymore as there is too much scar tissue.

(have had covid since last week and am just now able to get to this)

As said, me and Brian couldn’t figure out how to use that syringe thing so he did the usual scaple method. Brian Decker has been the only person ever to install magnets in me and take them out since I got them in 2015 for the first time.

I don’t know what you mean by form factor for the magnet. They’re a lot smaller, though. Unsure why these xg3 are so huge.

I assume it was safe considering dangerous things’ website talks a lot about how they put in all these safety measures. I don’t know how to tell you if it disintegrated as I’m unsure what to look for. Yes, I have it installed and really want to remove them both every day and tempted to myself with how desperate I am to use my middle fingers again.

I had the date wrong in my post. It was November 3, not nov 10.

The magnet is literally trying to push out of the finger on both ends when pressure is applied, so I don’t see how anyone would enjoy such an experience. with Brian’s, I could lay my hand flat on a surface and literally forget there’s a magnet. Small and strong.

(have had covid since last week and am just now able to get to this)\

The website shows fingers and that’s all I see with people, so unsure where else people would install it in. Also the xg3 v2 is NOT a sensing one and is meant to lift. The titan and xg3 v1 is a sensing magnet.

I’ve had 2 titans in my fingers and that was a sucky experience after finding out they’re not for lifting.

(have had covid since last week and am just now able to get to this)

I don’t care about sensing, I care about lifting. That’s why I removed the titans for these. Personally, I’ll probably remove these and get Brian’s put in again with the risk it can be rejected within 5 years. The size on these xg3 ones are too large to be useful.

That’s the best you can do with glass capsules.
Smaller and the glass/magnet ratio is too bad.

It’s not unsafe per se, as in, it’s a good implant, it just really sucks to have them in your fingers unless you have huge ones.
What is unsafe is that they do not fit in your fingers and thus poke out.

But yes, I just looked at the shop and the first pic is a finger install… I don’t like that.
@amal do you really want to suggest people install these in their fingers when there’s a perfectly fine titan?

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You cant blame the XG3!

its a sterile implant save glass tube and if it is installed in a spot that hasn’t enough surrounding tissue it will push out or reject.

The best thing is to have a chat with your installer and maybe go for another spot

Xg3 in Fingertips are quite risky and there have been several cases where implantation failed because they are just damn big^

i mean you cant fit something somewhere without the needed space - the implant needs a place to rest without major tensions that are induced by not enough tissue around it - it will grow out or not heal well

Still not the fault of the XG3 itself
(i fucking love the xg3s and they are my favorite magnet implants^)

best wishes and a pleasant healing



You had xg3s installed in your fingertips? Sorry gov but that’s not the best decision, there huge and really shouldn’t be installed somewhere so small. I would blame a problematic install position and have them removed ASAP if there causing you that much pain.

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Titans are not good at picking up and also have their own issue of “flipping” over in the finger. The titans are overhyped in my opinion based on personal experience and didn’t even sense well. even an XG3 senses better.

Then why would the seller’s website show that being installed in a finger? I don’t know where else it’d go and I’ve had a magnet in my finger for 7 years from Brian before I decided to try something new.

Then why does the seller’s website show a finger install?

I guess because it was a nice photo and the finger install was successful

The size of the Magnet is publicly known, its now on the installer and the person who gets it installed where to put it. some people are able to get one in the finger (its still one of the more risky magnet positions) but most people have just too small hands

i mean some people have big ass stretched ear lobes - on some people that can work but for others you cant stretch more then lets say 4cm for example and then the ear lobe will rip - the seller of the 6cm tunnels will still sell them and advertise a photo with the big ass tunnle plug even if not all people have the anatomy to get one of theese - its the customers (and installers) decision if they want to try stretching their ear this far or not^

ok another example

there are XS clothes - they don’t fit anybody but they are still advertised with a human inside which has the perfect size for the piece of cloth(mostly :grinning:)

some things just fit and other things not because they are to big or to small

Someone with extremely small fingers is also not able to get the titan installed in there
but i would still advertise it with a picture showing it installed in a finger^


What is a recommended area to install the xG3? I’m out of ideas. Also, can these in theory be moved from the finger to such a new area since they shouldn’t be autoclaved?

Uninstall and immediate install might be possible in theory. It would have to be removed placed on sterile area and immediately scalpel installed. Irl depends a lot on you and your pain threshold and your installer abilities. If installation isn’t performed immediately the sterilization becomes quite tricky as heat sterilization reaches higher temp than curie point and would cause demagnetization. So you would have to get it sterile in different way and we cannot guarantee that.

So as with many things ask your installer how they feel about that.

I’ve already asked Amal and my installer for recommended areas and was told the middle finger was fine from what I remember, but do you know of any alternative areas that tend to work with others or have worked with others? What other areas do people put these in?