Show off your Magnets! 🧲 TiTAN + xG3 v1 + v2 Gallery

For all you show off’s, this is a sister thread to the Show off your Blink
:xled_red: :xled_white: :xsiid_amber: :xsiid_blue: :xsiid_green: :xsiid_red: :xsiid_white:

But all about Magnets
:magnet: :magnet_xg3: :magnet_titan:
This thread was inspired by @mrln :mage:t3:“the magician’s” post ( Now Below )

But this is exclusively to Show off your xG3s :magnet_xg3: and Titans :magnet_titan: , your party tricks, your extra sense, your lifting random things, your turning off computers…
No installs :syringe: no blood :drop_of_blood: Just magnets doing magnet-y things
keep an eye out for @Vicarious Xenomorph
:magnet: :alien:


I should stop using the vid title as tag list


I know what that lighter is for! Great pictures! Will join this thread when batch 2 gets shipped and I get it installed!


I’m starting to give serious thought about pulling my xg3v1 out… maybe replacing it with a v2


Running out of space?

I know why you are only doing the one hand, but have you considered expanding to your other one?

Not a space issue, my v1 is fairly lacking

A v1 is more suited to “feel” than to “lift”
I have both here and indeed the v2 can pick up more weight than the v1. But the v1 has the ability to tilt when there is a magnetic pull around. It’s this tilt and not just a full on pull that could help you detect origins of electromagnetic fields easier.

Both have their purpose. But if yours is just to pick up more than “sensing”, yeah v2 is the way to go.

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(used :duck: tape to fix the two batterys together)

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