Self-install xg3 today, any advice?

How bad is it? Any do’s and dont’s?

  1. don’t self install

you can continue waiting for helpful answers now


Where are you installing it?

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Tip of middle finger, right hand, on pinky side. If anyone can say sensing is good enough anywhere but the fingers I’ll take that and do it there. Between my thumb and index is already occupied. I thought about doing it on the side of my thumb on the edge of my palm, but not sure where else would be good for sensing besides in the fingertip

Then I’d suggest following the advice from @yeka… I’ve done several self installs, none on my fingers and for me, I never will. There are people on here that have done it. I feel like not all of them were successful but I may be incorrect. I’m sure there are threads (and videos) of others that have done x series fingertip installs.

Take video


DO take some more time to research
DON’T rush into it.

Have you read through these threads, there is a decent amount of info, and you might just get an “AHA!” moment


I recomend the knife edge… Xg3 is huge and finger is not so huge xD

Just that you know its risky af

If you still are going to do it good luck…

But its better to wait and educate your self.
Look up where the nerves are located on the finger, be as clean as possible. You don’t want an infection there. Fist of nerve damage is present and in my uneducated opinion high…

I can’t write much rn since I’m driving and stopped on the right lane to write this text.


Your instincts will probably work against you. And if a certain placement is good for sensing, then chances are that the installation will be painful.

I think that some installers have used tourniquets for scalpel installs in the fingertips but proceed with caution, those things can cause some damage if used incorrectly or for too long.

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Sensing works by moving the magnet around a bit (or trying to) and the movement (or pressure) being felt by the nearby nerves. So for good sensing you want an area with lots of nerve endings. Lots of nerve endings also means that it is going to be painful.

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I wish I had congenital insensitivity to pain, would make a lot of things easier in life, mainly the installs I want to have done lol
Though I do know there’s a lot of drawbacks to it too.

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was any of them successful? I only remember multiple failures and a nasty rejection.
Self finger installs are crazy, but xseries in the finger are hardcore.

seems @tccarvalho had a successful one but they didn’t provide much of an update after it was done.