🩸 xG3, xSIID, getting tased, and another xG3 an interesting two weeks

I have made a few posts in various topics recently on my implant experiences. I have had a few different experiences in a short amount of time, and I wanted to make a concise post on them. This forum has been a huge font of knowledge and a source of inspiration for me. I want to start out by thanking everyone here for their contributions.

Please note, I am not a medical professional, nor am I a piercing professional. This is not advice. This is just my experience.

March 2021
I had been interested in “body modification” in various ways for quite some time before. I had read up on magnetic implants and microchips a few years prior, but I had never acted on them. I’m not sure when exactly I discovered DT, but I anonymously browsed the products and read the forum for a while. On March 28th I decided to purchase a xG3 V2. I didn’t have a plan for how to have it installed, but I knew I wanted to do it.

While browsing the site I saw the Titan batch #2. The limited nature of the Titan intrigued me. All the forum discussion and install posts hyped me up even more. I knew I didn’t want to miss it and kick myself for it later. So on the 29th I jumped on the Titan train.

I was able to locate a piercer on the partner map near me. Jax at Apex Tattoo Factory was just a 2.5 hour drive from where I live. I called and they confirmed they could install a xG3. Unfortunately due to my work schedule the soonest I could go was May 15. I made my appointment and waited.

May 2021
May 15th I drove out to Apex for my 7pm appointment. I arrived early and talked with Jax for a bit before the xG3 install. I was having the xG3 installed on my left hand knife edge or position 5. The install I would consider relatively “painless”. On a pain scale of 1 low to 10 high I would estimate my install at 2-3. I had no problems and drove home a short time after. Here’s a video of the install.

May 14th @amal was nice enough to post a red, white, and blue sale on the xSIID chips. I had not had much interest in any chips at this point. I did not have much practical use for them in my everyday life, but these light up! I knew I was interested but I wanted to see how my xG3 install went before proceeding. May 16th I woke up and looked at my hand still wrapped up from the xG3. I then proceeded to order one of each red, white, and blue xSIIDs. I knew where I wanted to place them: a red in my right hand at position 3, a white in my penis, and a blue in my left hand at position 3.

May 20th arrived. My xSIIDs were delivered. I had planned to self install the white one. I had gotten supplies and tried to prepare myself. I have had various other genital piercings before, but those were performed by a professional piercer. I felt confident in my ability to work through it with preparation and forethought. I was a nervous wreck, but I decided to proceed.

Details of the install are here...

I taped my penis to a large water bottle to try and immobilize it. I then taped the water bottle to my counter to immobilize the bottle. I sterilized the location I thought was best and tried to mentally prepare myself for the needle. I did not account for how stretchy the skin in that area was. I was also not prepared for the amount of force needed to insert the needle. It took a considerable amount of time, however I was able to insert the needle a sufficient amount and inject the chip. In hindsight there was no “pain” that I recall. There was definitely pressure and queasiness, but only a mild amount.

The bleeding was controlled not long after completion. The chip was crooked and far from where I wanted it… I guess the stretching skin affected the placement. I was however able to pull the skin and manipulate the chip into a better location. It’s not exactly where I had planned and it is still canted, but I like how it is now that it is healed. An added benefit is the thin skin
in that area sure lets the light shine through bright. Plus it sure makes for a hell of a story…

Here are some censored pictures.

May 27th was my last day at work. I was a Deputy Sheriff. I had worked in law enforcement for 7.5 years. I had decided a while ago that it was time for me to take a different path. I worked for a great agency and with great people, but during my career I had never been fully tased with the probes of our issued tasers. Early in my career, I had convinced my Corporal at the time to “drive stun” me on the top of the thigh. I wanted the real deal, the full 5 second ride. It just so happens that on my last day they had a taser training class going on for people newly to be issued a taser. I talked with my supervisor and he was able to get me in to be tased.

It’s almost shocking the lack of basic science or critical thinking the average person does not know. There were jokes of my xSIID lighting up like a “Maglight in my pocket” or the electricity shooting the magnet out of my hand like a bullet. I thought these to be jokes when first mentioned, but I later learned some people actually had those concerns. I took the full five second ride with the probes. One probe landed in my left upper back, and the other landed in my right lower thigh. It was a magical five seconds, but not one I feel the need to repeat frequently. Fortunately my magnet stayed inside my hand, and my xSIID was just as functional as always.

May 24th I ordered 2 xG3 V1s and a Proxmark3 Easy. Through forum interaction I was enlightened to the idea of placing a xG3 V1 in the middle finger and in the thumb of my left hand. If I was able to get the placement correct they would be attracted to each other. A “fidget spinner / time passer” of sorts that I could not lose.

My order arrived on the 29th. I again felt confident in my ability to insert a magnet into my middle finger. I prepared and began videoing. I quickly returned to reality. I am not a professional, and there are very important reasons to have these procedures done by professionals! The first insert of the needle was not painful, but I again was not prepared for the amount of force required to insert it. My placement was askew from the start. The needle came very close to exiting the skin lower on my finger. I pulled the needle out and decided to retry closer to the center of my fingertip. After a considerable amount of time and force I had the injector inserted far enough, and in a location I believed to be correct. I injected the magnet while removing the needle. This was all done with no pain management of any kind.

Today is 4 days later. My finger is still fairly swollen, but it has not hurt in the slightest. I am excited to continue with my thumb eventually. I will be waiting on my thumb for a while. I have a family beach vacation planned in under 3 weeks. I want to allow my middle finger to heal before introducing another magnet, and I don’t believe I would have sufficient time for my thumb to heal before the vacation.

I’m anxiously awaiting delivery of my Titan so I can schedule my Titan and 2 remaining xSIID installs. But I’m extremely satisfied with everything already completed up to this point.


While I haven’t ridden the lightning, from those I know they have, I would always opt for that over death pepper / spicy face
THAT is an hour of unending suck



Lol, that’s why I tried to blur the pictures as well.

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Absolute fucking madlad!


But nice write-up.


Can confirm I’ll take taser over strong pepper spray any day

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It’s all terrible, the oc % just changes how long your face melts…

the little keychain ones you get at Walmart aren’t too bad just a bit of water and it’s fine. The kind LE uses it hell, worst $20 I ever made would not do again.

Have you considered using it as an alternative to sinusbuster/sinus plumber?


You joke, but one does expel a shocking amount of mucus and snot…

Even more so if you get hit with a oc/cs mix

Best visceral analogy I’ve come with over time,
A hit of oc will make your face feel like you just smeered a fresh out of the oven cheesy pizza on your face

Honestly you won’t feel that once it gets in your eyes though

Your eye once exposed will slam shut out of raw instinct, and will feel like you plucked a glowing ember out of a bed of coals, and tuck it underneath your bottom eyelid

Edit oh yea that pain doesn’t stop for 30-60 minutes straight, and there is pretty much nothing that changes it

Water merely makes the 60 minutes of hell last longer

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Not entirely, both of those sprays contain a certain amount of capsaicin. I have never used either but I have heard that they are effective.

As for the eyes, I can imagine. I once rubbed one of my eyes on a train. I was stuck on that train for a couple of hours before I got to my destination. I had been chopping chilis several hours earlier, washed my hands a couple of times, and still regretted not just poking my eye out instead.

The amount of capsaicin, it’s largely over hyped as a marketing tactic… a trusted instructor of mine used to be the test subject for EVERY class he could not get a stupid volunteer like yours truely

He’s Taken 20 hits to date and says he’s done lol

His experience is they all hurt more or less the same, but the higher amount makes it last longer

Semi graphic

If you pour a cup of gasoline on yourself and light it,
It’s not any less painful or hot
Than if you poured a gallon on yourself

The semi technical as I understood it was, even the lower percentages have more than enough agent to stimulate ALL the necessary nerves

The higher percentages simply allow for an excess of agent, so as any receptor becomes free, can be re effected again

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The internet will lie and tell you milk helps. it does not just reactivates the cunt and makes you regret it all over again

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Pro tip, if you ever get pepper sprayed, or deploy pepper spray against another individual (especially if you use anything besides “stream”… cone and fog are utterly stupid)

Doesn’t matter how many hours it’s been since the effect stopped, be very very careful about how you enter the shower,

Specifically be aware of what’s Downstream from the residue you are about to get wet



Great write up, thanks for the share.
There are not too many videos of knife edge installs, and yours was a great one.

Great timing getting in on the xSIID sale.

When you said Penis install, I remembered another guy on here who did it, but he couldn’t leave it alone long enough to heal and had to remove it.
You maybe the only person in the world with one…(there could be others that haven’t shared)

I also assumed you would go length ways rather than width ways. (that’s what the censored view looked like anyway)
Any reason for sideways?

I hope you heal well.

Rosco has a Temporary install option on his penis, which is also quite likely the only one used for that purpose in the world
LINK if you are interested in his penis

The finger install always appears to be quite tricky, and there have been a few self install failures, yours looked to go quite well.
interesting tourniquet.

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I did go width ways or perpendicular to the shaft. My thought was sideways would make it less likely to “poke” into any surrounding tissue during expansion or contraction.

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Haven’t people died from blood loss from that region? Bold move

You could also call it…

A cocky decision



I’m just glad he didn’t “cock it up”

I could go on…but will leave it open for the next person

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It might be too fresh to actually tell, but my bodmod-curious mind just wants to know - how much can you feel the implant? It might be an interesting alternative to genital beads, with the added blinky-effect :wink:
Maybe a “row” or such of those implants would be an interesting thing, at least if you can control how (and where) they settle down…

edit: ah, and with the available xSIID colours, you could even make some use of the “traffic light” safeword-alternative :smile: