xG3 v1 VS v2 finger sensing

So I know the xG3 are not meant for sensing but I’ve considered having one put in my finger and I can’t really decide which. For those of you that have had one installed into a finger which version do you have and how is the sensing? I’m probably going to go with a v2 just because the lifting power is so much higher but if I hear enough about the v1 being better for sensing (which I assume is the case) I may put a v1 in a different finger.

I’ve got a v2 in my pointer finger (not finger tip) and I’m always impressed by the ability to feel the microwave and theft gates.


this ^ ive got a xg3v1 in the top half of my middle finger knuckle and xg3v2 in the bottom half of my middle finger knuckle theyre SO good for sensing

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Think I’m gonna put a v2 in the tip of my ring finger and eventually a v1 on the opposing hand same pos

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are they not gong to interact ?

on opposite hands? probably not unless I do it on purpose :smile:

that would be sinful

doing it or not doing it?

I’ve thought about the idea of multiples, more than once haha >_<
I think personally for me after some time having magnets in opposing hands, it would kinda drive me nuts. Just for sanity sake I’d be more interested in having them in one hand, in places where they have zero interaction

i am sure someone in the bible belt would frown upon one playing with his magnets… :slight_smile: :rofl:

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I kind of want the interaction when I choose it. I have an xG3 v1 in the pad of my middle finger and I’m going to put an xG3 v2 in the pad of my thumb on that same hand. That way they’re far enough apart that there shouldn’t be too much accidental interaction but I can play with them when I want.

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My question is, how are y’all getting these into your fingers? From the pictures I’ve seen they seem to be pretty big. And I feel like it would be difficult to inject them with the needle. Do you use a scalpel or is there actually a way to inject it normally? I feel like it would be really cool to get one or two of these for my fingers to go along with (but not next to) the Titan.

Some people with larger fingers (or I assume they’re larger) have injected them, I personally don’t think my installer would be comfortable injecting it and I also don’t necessarily want to sever all the nerves in my finger so I’m gonna have my plastic surgeon do a scalpel install

Related to this, how does the Titan compare for sensing? There are a lot of posts about Titan lifting but not much for sensing. (Please direct me if I’ve missed a thread)

Recognizing that it’s all subjective, does anyone have the v1 and the Titan for comparison?

Well, Not a thread as such, but here’s a clue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In fairness it is quite difficult to show sensing with a video or photos compared to lifting. There is a smattering of descriptions throughout the forum

Lol, @Pilgrimsmaster! I read all those threads already! I didn’t see many real-world reports of how strong the sensing is, esp in comparison to XG3. Maybe I should read them all again :smiley:

I can just tell from my experience:

I have a titan and a xg3 v1 in my finger and a xg3 v2 in my knife edge.

I get the best sensing from the knife edge xg3, second place goes to the finger xg3 and the titan takes the last place

However finger xg3s are not practical and doable for most people, its dangerous and just fucking huge.

My recommendation for a sensing magnet is the titan!

Mine titan is now about 2 months installed and nerves are probably still regrowing and I’m expecting more sensing in the future.


Thanks mrln! Very helpful. I’m nervous about the Titan fingertip install and was planning on a V1 fingertip install. I think it should fit, based on a toothpick mock-up. I will do a Tital mock-up tomorrow. I’ll keep your experience in mind. Much appreciated.

Edit: I’ll also do an edge mock-up day to test that experience.


I’ll make a video about it in a few to set some goalposts, and we can get some people’s feedback from there.


The Xg3 Finger Installation will be way more invasive and the scar and tissue damage will be most likely way bigger.

The big xg3 needle will damage more tissue than a professional titan install. I don’t recommend anyone installing a xg3 in a finger…

The risk of problems seems like it is not worth it… I would never again install a xg3 in one of my fingers…