TITAN (Contains spoilers!)⚠


This is the Thread to Visit or Avoid
If you want / Don’t want to see:- The TiTan itself, the packaging, unboxing, installs and reviews etc.

If you read further, you may or may not see, photos, videos, of the titan and there may also be blood :drop_of_blood:

You have been warned

I’m in. :wink:

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I may have mislead you, I don’t have one.
But would share here if I did.

This is for you guys to share in a spoiler warned thread, without risk of community repercussions.
Have at it, and post away.

Nah, no misleading - I know you don’t have one :wink:
But I’m always happy with watching install videos and pics, especially since I’m on a bodymod withdrawal currently…^^

Unpacking the titan! (Can’t spoil images on my phone but the whole thread has a spoiler warning)


That looks fucken professional as fuck.
Seriously top notch.
Well done Dangerous Things!

Thanks for the share


[spoiler]This txt will be blurred[/spoiler ]

add this :slight_smile:

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Gorgeous packaging.

There could also be a wedding ring inside

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Or like some yummy and pretentious French pastry: Dangeroux Macaroons


There’s a thought.
install into ring finger and your loved one.

Actual physical attraction
Polarity dependant or repel each other

could go palm side.
Top side
Finger tip


You’re thinking romance, I’m thinking food. Priorities are clear.


Ha, if only you knew…
I am the complete opposite…unless of course you mean my love of food

Then you need to take care of the polarisation! -
in the end you repel each other!

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Haworth actually offered that - some sort of “partner magnet”, installed in a way that they would attract when you and your beloved one hold hands.

Now, I’m far from being “romantic” in the classical way, but that’s a nice idea :wink:

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successfuly derailed <3


wow, beautiful - i see the size and all - but… if you had a banana to compare it to, one such as me could really get the scale better…


This stuff is just as attractive as the box itself!
@amal you pretty much checked all the premium add-ons when you customised the box,
I see: quality card stock, emboss, custom shape…etc. :1st_place_medal:Champ!
(Some G-Shock watches come in a more simple package.)

Ps.: I knew I should have included South Park gifs when requested the 4G needle! =(


Haha I thought about taking the exact same picture