The official Titan crowdfunding campaign thread

For the low price of $99,999.00 I have one to sell.


Little question: I’m a big player of arcade rhythm games and I smash big buttons all day long… Do you think the titan is robust enough to not break? I’d like to implant it in my finger

it won’t break, but it might be painful


I’m a big believer in trying it. Find something approximately the right size, and put it where you might want it, and attach by putting a band-aid or medical tape over it.

Then play and see if you can tolerate it. Keep in mind, you will gradually get more comfortable with it, just see if it’s to your liking.

That said, you ain’t gonna break a titanium casing without using more than enough force to amputate a finger.


I have that Titan I laser blasted into oblivion and heated so hot it lost all magnetism… maybe I could record hammering the shit out of it.


Somewhere in the TITAN (Contains spoilers!):warning: thread there’s a video of me smashing my titan finger into the keyboard about 3 days after install.
It doesn’t hurt, definitely won’t break.


In a pork chop. Cause that’s how DT rolls. :sunglasses:


i dunno, 299 seems kinda steep when there is no blink…
maybe wanna glue 2 green nails to it?:slight_smile:
</sarcasm value=“on the price part, thats fair, but 100% true on the shiny”>

More testing videos would be appreciated!

What if you put the pork chop in a potatoe cannon and slow mo filmed it hitting the wall?

For Science.


yes :smile:

We haven’t seen your for a couple of weeks @Atilla
I hope all is well.

Plus I still owe you a hug when you get your Titan installed…

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Atilla is doing well, thank you!
It’s just the… “L” word that keeps me busy.

Also I need to sort some memories out.

That hug might be postponed, due to the lack of options to install. For some reason I was not keen to attempt it myself.

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I would like to talk to a dentist who is specialised in implants.
Maybe it would be possible to design a screw that could fit a Titan with enough place to let it wiggle a bit.
Maybe it will be nothing but a good chat. Even worse would be actually making it.
This project could cost +2k, not including the magnet, of course.
I bought the Titan because ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶h̶e̶a̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶o̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ I wanted something special… well being able to hear other peoples words from my own mouth would be exactly that, I guess.
Hopefully I’ll be back with some good news about this in a month.

Literally hearing radio waves with your dental implants. We’re sure making it easy for the crazies.


Exactly your project was the inspiration.
To explore something new, rather than sort out an issue (unlock a car, or so).

I’m pretty sure the project is possible with decent resources.
Lots of planning to be done. I currently don’t know what I don’t know, hence I need a chat with an actual specialist.

I had to dig this one up from the archives ( of my brain ), hence it took me about 8 mins to find where I had read it .

This might be a good bit of info

Here’s the Post where Amal mentioned the tooth and the magnet :tooth: & :magnet:

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Let me know if you want to collaborate or just need someone to bounce ideas off of. I’ve put so much in to the tragus headphone project just for it to yield no fruit, I’ve become disheartened. A new angle on the idea would be refreshing.

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Sure, there are known unknowns:
• Transmitter/Amp, maybe TDA2030, or some chip with shortcut protection
• Flexible, wearable antenna. Will have to be custom-made. Maybe 1ohm to maximise output?
• Power source, maybe 2x9V
• A wearable housing
• Cooling? Liquid cooling would be overkill but’d look dope =)
• Fool proofing

Most of my other questions would be implant related:
• How to tune the magnet? Spring loaded? Between 2 springs? Screw down with abutment?
• How can a crown be installed on the abutment?
• How can a blinky installed in the crown?
• How can I get a life-time warranty on the project?