Xg3 Finger Install and Healing report


Today i installed the Xg3 in my Finger <3 (My First Implant!!)

Here is a short vid.

The Camera Placement was not good, and my operation sheets to put under it didn’t arrived so i just went with an sterile compress under my hand.

My first plan was to use Sterile Gloves, but i felt like i can handle it better without, so i desinfected my hand well.

For anaesthetic purpose i used Lidocain 0,5% Injectable liquid. I injected 2 ml at two spots at the base of the finger.

i still could feel pain in the tip so i injected another ml directly in the tip.

then it was really numb xd

So i went straight in with the needle. (Beevel Down :crazy_face:)

I felt nothing :slight_smile:

But my heart was pumping hart, i was shaking alot and sweating like hell.

Wasn’t expecting that

I think everything worked well, but we will see of the spot was good, or if anything will fail :stuck_out_tongue:

it was quite doable .

(it could really happen that you pass out while implanting - i felt relatively dizzy)

Im gonna post some updates about the Healing here.


Wow dude.


Can’t wait. Good luck! Please clean your finger before the next pic.
Not gonna lie this looks scary.


Any suggestions how?

I tryed to wipe the Pen with Isopropanol, but it wont work:/


How do i know it is really in there? XD i never saw the Magnet, and its not swollen at all.

My Finger looks just normal :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Do no try to lift or use the magnet at all for a minimum of 2 weeks!


Check the injector,
if its in the injector it’s not in your finger


Its not in the Injector :smiley: That’s the first thing i checked.

Another Question:

Should i bend the Finger sometimes, so i can check if its not in the way for the the Finger joint to bend and if its in the way it will move out of the way,

or should i just don’t move it, to prevent the Magnet from popping out the Hole / let it heal faster?

I didn’t moved it alot, but maybe its needed?

I wouldn’t move it at all for a week except changing bandage and looking for redness after 3 days or so.


You can shine a flashlight through your finger next time you change the bandage


Just noticed the number of lidocain ampoules :grimacing:

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@Devilclarke My First attempt was to “soak it” in lodocaine, so i don’t have to inject so much for it to swell less.

put some lidocaine in an Finger of an glove and put my finger in and ducktaped it closed.

i waited about 1h, but the lidocaine was not getting absorbed by my skin at all.

so i injected one and a half ampoules in the Finger^

For anaesthetic purpose i used Lidocain 0,5% Injectable liquid. I injected 2 ml at two spots at the base of the finger. i still could feel pain in the tip so i injected another ml directly in the tip.


I held my Hand in front of an microwave oven of my Friend.

My finger felt so crazy. i couldend beleave it!

Also one of them got stuck on my finger. kind of accidentally :blush:


Like a vibrator in a wound?



and also



Today was washing day :blush:

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Looking good!

Is it sitting sideways?

no, i dont think so.

i tested where it attracts stuff the best and its not that much sideways.

When it healed more i can shine light through better.



Its about here.

Its too close to the joint of my finger.

Hope it will move a bit up when i start to bend the finger :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Looks good.

quit messing with it though

I would baby that finger like no other.




first i thought its just some kind of pain because of the wound or halucination but i tested it over and over again - when the laptop battery is not full aka the battery is charging i can really feel it!

that was an mind blowing experience - now its hurting because i tryed it so often :confused:

Not sure if this is what you want to hear now. But…

… My xG3’s I have inside of thumb, index and middle finger are fully healed and they are moving only a tiny little bit, but not even a millimeter in each direction. But I’m a woman with a good and very fast healing process, and as I saw often here in the forum, many men are tending to have more the floating around implant problem.

This is also a problem…when it hurts it’s a clear sign that you should listen to all others above that already said “dont play around with it until it’s fully healed”…You know now for sure that you have a feeling with it. But you risk everything with playing around with the magnet. Sorry if I sound rough here, but I tried the microwave from a very far distance exactly once after my installs (to check if they are in a good spot) and then I gave all of the magnets nearly two months of healing without playing around. I did really NOTHING with them. Not even a paperclip… This is so important for the healing of the nerves in that area. Please be careful, because I wish for you that it stays in there.


Yep. I should be more careful :blush:

Today i did closer inspection, and i think at one Ende its too close to the skin / allready in the skin. You can See it Form the outside, and feel it.

So i think it will grow out there.

We will See.

I was prepared for it :D. Thats why i ordered two