Where did you install your Xg3 and what do you do with it?

Hey all :slight_smile:

I have another Xg3 around and thinking about the Placements so i was wondering where others have it installed and what are the pros and cons about that place, and if you use it, what do you do with it?

I installed mine in the middle of my forearm, I was hoping to using it as a psuedo magnetic parts holder

But I’ve drastically over estimated how strong the magnet is

It won’t hold much, oh well

Gonna try the xG3v2 when it comes out then? Should be a good bit stronger!

I have mine in Knife Edge. Sensitivity is non-existent, and I can lift around 3 paperclips. That’s about all I can say on that one :sweat_smile:

I’m lucky to get one to stick strongly

I can lift this many




I had one in the tragus. It was nice and comfy there. Didn’t work out great as a headphone like I wanted, but it was okay at lifting things. It helps when the object being lifted is large enough and flat enough to cover both ends of the magnet, so it’s doubly stuck and stabilized.

well i decided to not implant it :wink:

Anyone interested in it?

Best from germany or EU so shipping is cheap. The money could come in Handy for the v2.

I bought it in case something goes wrong with my Finger install.

Yesterday i thought lets find a nice spot and implant it,
but after thinking a night over it, i came to the conclusion that i dont “need” it