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I feel targeted

:pirate: :gun:


Well, I’m worried about how long @Pilgrimsmaster has had those cameras on my house.

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Still only power button and stars that glow. :confused:

I may end up putting a start in my wrist myself at those prices though.

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Yep, I’d be very happy with a bit wider selection as well, and maybe some larger pieces (or a bit more of the basic stuff like the wires and tubes). Have you ever tried contacting him directly for some custom work? Maybe he can make a special glowing implant just for you :wink: Though I don’t want to think about what he might charge for it…^^
And of course, the amount of blinky-ness is not comparable to having LED under your skin - my button glows wonderfully in a truly dark room, but it might be hard to notice if it’s not pitch black. I originally thought about standing out in the club or such with it (remember, those happy days when we had clubs and festivals and all that…^^), but it won’t be visible at all under such circumstances. So it’s more of a “just for myself”-thingy, and I love it maybe even a bit more because of that :wink:

I was riding back home from work this afternoon and this happened:

Dammit… I was sure dogs had eyes pointing forward. How the hell do two dogs not see a 9 1/2 foot long velomobile coming straight at 'em?

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Looks like that lady has a ball thrower. Might have been running back to her and occupied with the other dog.

Are both yall OK?

And that noise you made, is hilarious.

Isn’t it obvious? Dogs use the metric system :wink:

But yeah, As @Backpackingvet said any damage to the dogs or your velomobile ?


I see now on replay that is likely the leash.

  1. Check local leash laws.

  2. Was the person angry?

I’m fine of course. It was a pair of dogs, not a semi truck.

One of the dogs, not so much. Right after the collision happened, both dogs looked totally unphased. But as the lady and I were exchanging contact informations, one of them started shaking and its hind legs and tail started dropping. Pretty clear case of shock. It took quite a hit: the whole front of the bike is destroyed, and the shell on top of the hood is crached, almost 2 feet from the front of the bike, where the dog’s head smashed on it.

The lady and I exchanged a few emails a couple hours later, and she told me the dog is badly shook up but otherwise seems okay. But she’ll take it to the vet if it gets worse.

Interestingly, she told me one of the dogs had full insurance (why not both, I don’t know). So if this proves too costly to take care of between ourselves - and it will, I know, trust me on that one - then I might end up having to fill an insurance claim form in which I’ll describe in Finnish a head-on collision between a velomobile and two German sheperds out in the boonies.

I’ve crashed in a number of odd things with my different velomobiles over the decades, but this one takes the cake :slight_smile:


Leash law: I don’t know. I suppose there has to be a rule somewhere that says you have to be in control of your dogs on a cycle path. But then, it’s a cycle path in the middle of nowhere with almost nobody around for miles in the middle of the forest. People routinely let their dogs loose there, because there’s so much space and no danger. Almost no danger…

The lady and I had a very civilized exchange - as two very civilized individuals - and she was very keen on doing right by me and making sure my bike would get taken care of. But most importantly, both of us are more concerned about the dogs than the bike.


You can see the fiberglass fly. When I first watched it, I was freaked out cause I thought it was dog teeth.

You’ve crashed into a cake??? :cake:

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Happy International Trans Day of Visibility to all trans folk!


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You can tell I live in America.

Asked about leash laws, cause my second thought after the dogs wellbeing would be, “how much are they suing for?”

Glad to hear she is being civilized about it. I hope it comes to an amicable solution for you two.

Even as a resident of a country that has evolved past the automatic reflex of confrontation, I ain’t no fool. That’s why you get to see a video of the incident: I always assume the people I deal with are honest first. But if they aren’t, I have enough evidence to go to the police or show an insurance company what’s what. And it’s served me well in the past.

Still, I assume people are honest because, by and large, they are.

In this case, I think the insurance companies will be involved, because the quotation is 2,000 euros + somewhere south of 1,000 euros to ship the bike back to the Netherlands. I don’t think she’s gonna cough up 3 grand over that one. But she might: I learned today that she most definitely should have kept her dogs on the leash, so she may want to avoid insurance premiums.

Whatever she chooses to do, I’m okay with it as long as my bike gets fixed.

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Maybe a little upgrade? You could paint shark’s teeth on it like a WWII fighter plane to scare off the dogs.

Or get a horn that sounds like a noisy va-koom cleaner!