Home install of xg3 vs professional

So I Just recently ordered an XG3 Axial I plan to have installed in my left hand middle finger. My original plan was to have a friend install it for me but I’ve seen how hesitant everyone is on here about finger implants specifically.
I self installed my xSIID back in May, So i was pretty confident I would be able to walk a friend through the install of the XG3 into my finger. I’ve asked around and none of the piercers I asked would be comfortable with the install.
Is it less of an issue for home install since it wouldn’t be a self-install or should I get ready for a long drive to the closest installer I can find?
Edit: I’m in Des Moines Iowa if someone knows a nearby installer they recommend.

I personally like the comfort of a clean and organized and trained location…

Fingertip is something I’m still trying to psych myself into, even after 9 x series and a flex

I’d just go to a pro and get it done right

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I would recommend a professional installer for sure…

The xG3 is a notably larger needle (and implant) than the other x Series implants. It’s going to be a bit rough, even in a “normal” location like L0 or R0.

Fingertip installs with the xG3 can be really tricky depending on the size of your hands/fingers, and you risk major nerve damage if anything goes wrong. An experienced installer is much more likely to minimize damage during install, as well as managing things better if it goes wrong (such as if your fingertip ends up being too small).

Looking at the other side, it’s definitely possible to manage a decent install at home, with a somewhat inexperienced installer. @mrln managed to install one completely by themself in December of 2020, and managed minimal complications.

If you do the install at home, and things don’t go as planned…


:wink: haha

(also, if you add your general location, there’s often a lot of installers not on the map that forum members can recommend to you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


Oh I’m in Des Moines Iowa. If that helps at all.

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Damn, that seems to be a particularly “dry” area for installers…

Hopefully someone from the area will swing by at some point with some tips.

One more note that I know Amal emphasizes a lot:

Was this via phone call or an in-person appointment? Phone calls or email almost always fail sadly, while people have had decent success rates with bringing it up IRL.

This guide is very very good, and I would highly recommend trying it (if there’s any piercers nearby you hadn’t asked yet :wink:)

If you did indeed ask in-person, well… you’re a little low on options. There’s always Pirate here in West Lafayette Indiana (did all 3 of my x series), but that’s a cool 6.5-7 hour drive each way…


So after asking around again I ended up talking to one of the owners of a piecing parlor who recommended I call a body modification shop in Iowa City. He was more than willing to do so just from a quick phone call. My appointment is this upcoming Sunday, and when I’m there I’ll ask if he’d be willing to be added to the map since he said he regularly installs magnets and other implants.


Would you be willing to share the name of the Body mod shop? I am in the IC area and am interested in getting an implant.

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Release Body Modifications. Steeve Easley is the owner and the guy I spoke with.

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Thanks! Would love a follow-up after your appointment with your thoughts on how they did.

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So unfortunately I had to reschedule . Saturday I was working on my car and the battery post somehow separated itself from the battery, which I’ve never seen happen before. I will add another comment when I actually have gotten it installed.