Show off your Scars - Gallery

For all you show off’s, this is a sister thread to the Show off your Blink and Show off your magnets threads.

Please also include information on how long ago it was installed and which implant it is

Flex m1, not installed by a professional piercer.
Installed 8 months ago, photo was shot Outside where its cold, that’s the reason for the discoloration.

Install and removal scar of a DIY glowppwder implant.
Installed and removed about 2,5 months ago.

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Walletmor, implanted in May:

xG3 v2 removed in August (it was too deep) and put back a bit lower in September:


Errrrm… where do I start… :smile:

flexNExT going in through this one (about two years old on that pic)

and flexNExT going out again through that one (4 months younger than the first scar).

The scars from my xSeries installs are completely invisible by now (1.5 years old).

And, just because I have to (and you knew I would… :wink: ):

Got several other scars, but not necessarily implant- / bodmod-related :wink:


I always so impressed by your scarifications

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Thank you :blush:
Gonna share if I get some more, but it always takes a lot of time - I try not to do more than one or two “serious” bodymods per year :wink:

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I can’t find any scars from my xSeries implants so I just have these two.

The left one is from a FlexClass and is 14 months old.

The right is an Apex Mega and is 10 months old

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Scar from my flexSecure implantation 2.5 months ago:


Guess who got their first implants ? That’s right it’s me !
The anesthesy is still wearing off.
Titan in the figer (the installer had to butcher a bit to create a cavity, so it hurts a bit) I allmost passed out during the install.
NExT in the webbing of the hand. No pain at all, reads and write perfectly.
xG3 v1 in the tragus. It hurts a bit, I think because it presses a bit on the gristle. But I’m sure it’ll settle right.



4 weeks from insertion. Can barely see it.


Got a bit of a sunburn today. The scar didn’t :rofl:

Also the Pixel’s image processing makes my skin look chared with the excessive contrast. It’s just red