Should xDF2 chip read as EV1?

I just got my xDF2 chip implanted today and after applying the plaster I did quick attempt at reading it with NFC Tools Pro. The app identifies the unit as an EV1 not EV2. Is there a chance that I recieved the wrong one? Or is it just reading that way because the EV2 is backwards compatible?

I know that DT used to carry an EV1 model but hoping I didnt just have that model implanted!

Hey @Gwilliard

Try scanning the tag with TagInfo and post a screenshot of the “IC INFO” page here. For example, my flexDF (which is an EV1) scans like this:

Here is how mine showed up in NFC Tools, if that helps you at all.

I use NFC Tools less and less now, because it’s much less capable and because it’s not always compatible with the newer chips. TagInfo and TagWriter are maintained by the chip manufacturer (NXP).

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TagWriter and TagInfo are confirming that this is an EV2. Thank you for showing me the better app, I have been using NFC Tools Pro for so long I had no idea that there were better options.

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yeah… NFC Tools is dumb. It identifies our NTAG216 chip based devices as “Ultralight”… it’s chip identification capabilities are terrible.

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I’d been using NFC Tools for so long with sticker tags that I was ignorant to the better apps available out there lol.

TagInfo works well for identification of chips, particularly NXP chips. They removed ID of other makers chips though… stupid corporate bullshit. It worked really well before… but it still works great for NXP products.