Show off USING your implant Q&A Thread (for people that dont read the rules)

Could be worse… You could use “computer to plate” to “print” your typeset shopping list onto a photopolymer plate, etch it, and then use a letterpress to print off a single copy of the shopping list.

(While a total waste of time and money, this sounds like a heck of a fun idea, if I only had a spare $50k for the CTP machine)


I used to etch my own circuit boards back in the day. The photopolymer stuff is my favorite resist but it can be hard to use…

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They are used instead of movable type these days for letter press printing.

I’m really old fashioned and use “foundry type” which is sold by the “sort” and ideally you buy several sorts so that you can typeset a longer document. I tend to buy single sorts as my current press is so small. I can print about a 4" x 6" piece.

Great. Which parts did you need to built that thing

Yeah a Write up would be perfect. Kind of step by step guide ;). Great work.
Additionally, which parts you need and how much it costs.

Which implant you use? It seems to have a pretty good read range

That is a serious contraption my dude.
Does it only unlock the door or does it also hack NASA in the meantime?


Haha maybe I’ll work that in for the next version!


The sensor outside looks great. Do you have any link or info for that?

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Sure! They are especially good for implants, because of the small antenna surface, it’s easy to aim correctly.

Great thanks. I assume you combined it with the xEM access controller.

I doubt it as the xAC doesn’t support external readers as far as I can tell. But those round readers can be used with just about any access control board that supports weigand. And I recently posted about some small access control boards in the derailment tread:

No, far from it. The garage doors were already remotely controlled by my home automation (Home Assistant), so I only needed the RFID reader to tell Home Assistant the tag ID of the tag presented. All access control and garage door management is done in Home Assistant.
The reader itself is an ESP8266 (Wemos D1 mini) running ESPHome. It just picks up tag ID and sends it to Home Assistant.


Yes, I’ve tested the esp-rfid project extensively, I even created a fork of the project. It works well with the wiegand reader I posted about, and it supports MQTT so you can interface it with practically anything, including Home Assistant. But for the latter, it is adviseable to use ESPHome instead, as it is natively supported, and also takes advantage of Home Assistant’s built-in “tag support”.

Edit; there is also a missing feature in esp-rfid, which behaves in a way that if it does not find it’s wifi network within a certain amount of time, it creates a standalone AP, and it stays there until rebooted. A real hassle in a power-out. There is no way to turn this function off, hence my fork.


For those ali express readers are you using the 125 or 13.56 side? Also what implant do you have?

I’ve tested both HF and LF version of these readers, but I am using the LF ones. They have better reception, i.e. they pick up my tag right away. The HF ones usually require some fiddling around the reader. Also they don’t pick up NTAG216. Given these are Wiegand readers, I don’t think there should be any difference security wise. I have a NExT implant, so if you have LF, I would recommend using that.


What type of tags are supported by those? Only Mifare Clasic, or something else?

They work with classic, but I don’t know if they pick up anything else.

Absolutely brilliant mate. Not sure how ive never heard of ESPhome before but its seriously cool stuff. I just got home assistant running so im gonna order some of these and get hacking. I noticed weigand wasnt natively supported by ESPHome it seems, did you use one of the custom built interfaces ive seen some folks post like this Esphome-Wiegand-reader from Gio-dot - GithubHelp? Do you have a link to what you used?
Would love to hear more about how you wired it all up.

Thanks! ESPHome is brilliant. Sorry to put this here, as I believe this is a video-thread. I’ve attached my code in wiegand.txt. If you’re using a D1 Mini, just attach the wiegand reader to D1 and D2. I’ve also attached a buzzer to D3 which beeps once if tag is granted, and rapid four times if denied. The tag ID will be presented in home assistant as tag_scanned events, which you need to listen to, to make the access control logic. I am using Node Red for this, which by the way is even more brilliant than ESPHome :slight_smile:

wiegand.txt (1.6 KB)