Show off your blink! xSIID NFC + LED Gallery (+Glow)

I assume he means colors

I was hoping to add a LF xLed to my L3 location
But it appears there’s only a white option

Wanted either red or blue


Sorry, Colors. Different xLED color selections.

I’d love a Blue or Purple. One day, that’s all I need to remember. It’ll happen one day.


I would love a double led detector flex,

That would be great and I could put it in my forearm

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Forearm or wrist is where im thinking of putting my my flex when i get one

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How did you get a purple one? AFAIK there isn’t current a proper purple available :cry:

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Same here - I’d love to have a blue LF xLED… is there a chance there will be one, some not-so-distant day? (or a xEM with a blue LED on it, would be even better :smile: )
I’m just thinking about a bit of shopping on the DT page, but since my installer is closed anyway, I could easily wait some more time - just not sure if a blue xLED will be happening at all :wink:


Well my partner got it for my birthday, she said something about that she got me a special one somehow.

Can you do one cyberpunk style with the biochip?

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What do you mean with “Cyerpunk style” You mean the game? Cyberpunk 2077? Like yellow with black letters or glitching or?


Shots fired lol


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Is there a reason there isn’t a NeXT version of the xLED?

Amal has mentioned, the led has to be on the bottom

The laser welding guys for the glass are super twitchy about burning led dust all over their machines and stuff

At least that’s as I remember it, also some suppliers not being easy to work with

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@Eriequiet pretty much nailed it

Here is the Horse’s mouth


I wonder if crowd funding could help motivate either @amal or his suppliers to get this rolling?

Seems to have worked wonders for the titan

I would personally prefer a flex, but an x series would also be acceptable

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The HF side could be quite small, eg. NFC Nail
The problem with the LF flex would be the antenna size, but MY GUESS the smallest LF would be a juggle between surface area vs Height in Z axis that Amal would be willing to encapsulate.
Hand-winding would be too inefficient to get a small size, so it would have to be an off the shelf product.
A couple that I have seen
Like maybe 12mm diameter about 0.5mm thick ( Like the FlexEM)
Also a rectangle 20x10mm BUT it is about 2mm thick ( I pulled out of a wrist band )

AGAIN ALL :arrow_up: pure guess’ :arrow_up:

This “gallery” sure turned into text fast :wink:



Back on track :train2:

On track