Show off your blink! xSIID NFC + LED Gallery (+Glow)

Yes, I decided to have it installed in a little bit different orientation as usual, not only because it gave me a better read for my use, also because I’m currently planning how to add some more implants in this area which should be also that visible in hope it will be looking like a special design/pattern which someone can see, touch and scan.


White HF xLED ~30 mins after install through bandage.

Love the first pic, freaks people out :slight_smile:

I have no idea how that person could stand to wear those gloves, makes me super uncomfortable just looking at it


I’m guessing they just used the supplied ones in the kit… often people just don’t both having their own in their size if they don’t do that sort of thing often. Clearly they still were able to complete the installation, and I imagine they still worked to protect the installer

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Haha yeah the gloves would have been fine on me but my installer doesn’t have large hands.

Didn’t try scanning the implant w/ out my phone case yesterday. Just tried it and I think it’s brighter than KBR1 for sure. I’m impressed, will find another phone and snap a pic.

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I got my Blue xSIID in my forearm about 3 weeks ago, and I was so excited to show off today. But I think the chip has been eaten by my arm.
It scans but I don’t even see a glow under the skin

My first, purple one:

Had to shave my head to see the light, but it’s still there.
But it feels like it is less bright than when I first put it in.
Was careless and used the TagWriter app on it, feels like that did something with the brightness, but maybe it just in my head.

Anyways, here’s my green one I put in a week ago:




I need a Blinks bad. Haha. I literally look at them all the time, but I need to wait until vacation is over. =( plus I hope differe t xLED come out at some point.

What do you mean different xLEDs?

I assume he means colors

I was hoping to add a LF xLed to my L3 location
But it appears there’s only a white option

Wanted either red or blue


Sorry, Colors. Different xLED color selections.

I’d love a Blue or Purple. One day, that’s all I need to remember. It’ll happen one day.


I would love a double led detector flex,

That would be great and I could put it in my forearm

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Forearm or wrist is where im thinking of putting my my flex when i get one

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How did you get a purple one? AFAIK there isn’t current a proper purple available :cry:

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Same here - I’d love to have a blue LF xLED… is there a chance there will be one, some not-so-distant day? (or a xEM with a blue LED on it, would be even better :smile: )
I’m just thinking about a bit of shopping on the DT page, but since my installer is closed anyway, I could easily wait some more time - just not sure if a blue xLED will be happening at all :wink:


Well my partner got it for my birthday, she said something about that she got me a special one somehow.