Show off your blink! xSIID NFC + LED Gallery (+Glow)

:sun_with_face: Is that the sun?


So interestingly - left is xshine from iar and right is xled from DT. Crazy difference up in here.


The first picture is about 6 hours after install. I sweated off the bandaid and tried out a scan with no expectations, but low and behold…
The second picture is from tonight, about 3 months after install.


Wow, that might be the brightest one I have seen…or you are just the best photographer :camera:


Green is definatly the brightest its great!

Why would you say that Dev? :xsiid_green: :wink:

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The first photo was taken with an iPad, so it’s pretty blown out haha. In reality the second photo is pretty accurate.

There’s not a lot of meat on my hands so it sits very close to the surface, if I make a tight fist I can see the outline of it.

One hour and then one week after the install of a blue xSIID. :xsiid_blue: :smiley:


Ha, I can finally contribute to this thread! My xSIID is now almost exactly two weeks old (yep, my body loves to keep its hematomas…), and it shows a nice blue blinky :slight_smile:

As expected, it came out of the syringe LED first.


Today seems to be an especially bright day for my xSIID, the first photo below shoes it in a normally lit room. The red led in the picture is the standard power light on any microcontroller, it gives a good reference for the brightness.

In these next two photos (ignoring how washed out they are), the little “spike” out to the left seems to be the implant using the tendon in my hand as a sort of “light-pipe” (anyone got a better explanation?). In total darkness I can see the green light extending a good inch or so away from the implant site. The last photo shows the implants location lying up against the tendon on the back of my hand.


It looks like it has rotated such that the LED is pointing to the side (hence the bulge)… very bright!

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i know the NFC Midul, but what is the other small biard which is connected to the modul.
is it powered by a powerbank or computer?

Looks like an arduino of sorts

It’s a dev board like an arduino in this case looks like an stm32 board. It’s being used to drive the pn532.

EDIT: It’s an stm32 black pill dev board. Here


@Devilclarke was right, it’s an STM32. The pin out matches the nfc module perfectly so it can be soldered straight on.
In this case I was powering it with a phone charger, but if I connect it to a computer it’ll print out the UID.

I did a write up on it Here


cool :slight_smile:
How much will this cost ? I also need soemone who can build this for me - I think I would destroy it.

The STM32 black pill costs between roughly $2 and $10 depending on source.

The PN532 module costs between about $5 and $20.

So, parts wise you are looking at roughly $7 to $30.

Other than that you need 4 header pins (provided with most of the options I saw) kapton tape and a soldering iron. I suspect you could use any insulation instead of the kapton tape if necessary.

I am assuming that there is probably sample code available for the microcontroller that could be repurposed as needed.


You know / have met Patrick right? He has made them using pro mini’s (same idea and just as small). Maybe ask him if he can help you out?

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Hey everyone! I am wanting to put together a little video for a sale on xSIID we’re planning and I was hoping someone could post a quick 5 second video or so of them scanning their implant with a phone to bring up like a linktree or personal website or linkedin profile?

Sure, I’ll make one real quick. Should have it in a couple of minutes.

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