Show off your blink! xSIID NFC + LED Gallery (+Glow)

not xSIID, it’s an xLed but close enough lol

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Cyborgs… blink one for the grandfather of the LED…


More convenient would be one of these, they constant read with great range and are the size of a flash drive

About $10



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Ha, I was going to, but they are found sooo easily, all over the place…But since you asked

NZ$ 13.70 | Adjustable Mini Portable RFID S50\S70 14443A 13.56MhzSmart EM Card USB IC Rfid Card Reader

This specific store (first I found) does only HF, but most others I see you get the 2 options…


I did it :muscle:
Officially a cyborg :relaxed:


Interesting! I’ve been stalking everything in the forums for days since I got my xSIID on Friday, and I was just kinda assuming that the kbr1 was supposed to make my LED flash. Because it does, always has. I’ve tried it with multiple USB ports to try different amperages. Thoughts?

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Not sure it works that way, usb devices are usually only designed for certain amperage, and only take what they need

Plugging a usb book light into a iPad usb charger brick , doesn’t make it shine any brighter

Also, rfid readers don’t work better just because you shove more power into them

Are you just trying to get your implant to shine brighter? Making sure you’re aware that during the first few weeks your implant is likely to not light at all or be dim due to internal healing and inflammation and general body juices you can’t see

Mine didn’t show for 3 weeks

I’m specifically referring to how @amal said the kbr1 should be giving a steady signal, and it doesn’t seem to for me, it makes my xSIID LED rapidly blink. No matter what I try, it won’t make the xSIID LED stay steady-on from the kbr1 field. My video format isn’t working in my browser so I don’t know how useful it is, but that’s what I was trying to show.

I know most of the rest.

Interesting. It might be a different firmware on it… we had to change internals we sourced a while back. I’ll check some of the units we have here soon.


Dunno about anyone else but I found this hilarious for a random wander into the mall a day after getting my implant :joy:

The process went really well. I had a midwife friend help me, they were inexperienced but fascinated and knew how to do it clean. It’s been about four days, I’m just starting to see mild bruising but overall it’s been nearly superhuman perfect healing. And it was stinking bright immediately after.

I love that a few days later the swelling has gone down enough to really see the shape of it.

The endorphans have still not worn off. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :green_heart: I’ve desperately wanted an LED in me since it first seemed possible over a decade ago. And it’s happened in my lifetime! I feel more…me. I love it so much!




Green is so cyberpunk! I love it all that is so fun! Let’s get more and be total cyborgs! One of us! One of us!


Does it take awhile to get the chip to scan as well? Mine was planted in yesterday but it’s hard to get a signal on my phone with it

It can take a week or two for the implant to settle and swelling to go down, reading will likely get at least a little better with time

1 Like my glows best when I put my phone to it but it’s still a few days old. It was painless and I love my white blinkie

Hey! I know that Avatar, I know exactly what to expect when I follow that link; it will be the same as the other post won’t it?
Yep I am certain… I am still going to follow the link…I know I shouldn’t…but there could be other photos…I know there won’t be…Oh well, I have nothing to loose…here goes nothing


Yep…there it is… again


you could honestly tell me this was a picture of a scrote taken close up with flash and id 100% belive you

not gonna lie, I thought it was a pumpkin at first in the other post

It doesn’t matter what others think of my post I was kind enough to share my experience with you all and if you don’t like it that’s fine but it’s no skin off my back just because some people are insensitive about the things I do to myself. I had to take a closer picture to my arm to get the led to light up because it was a fresh implant. Don’t believe me fine here’s proof I had a implant scar