Show off your blink! xSIID NFC + LED Gallery (+Glow)

It doesn’t matter what others think of my post I was kind enough to share my experience with you all and if you don’t like it that’s fine but it’s no skin off my back just because some people are insensitive about the things I do to myself. I had to take a closer picture to my arm to get the led to light up because it was a fresh implant. Don’t believe me fine here’s proof I had a implant scar

just a joke broski didnt mean to hurt your feelings, no one thinks your implant is fake my friend it just looked funny as the picture couldn’t tell there’s an implant and looked like skin shone through a light that could have been anything

It’s my first time getting a implant so it’s all new for me and I did it for many reasons mostly because I have disabilities and want to overcome things and try new things, but I did it to show my family too that they are not a mark of the beast and to show that different can be a good thing. I’m not hurt I just don’t really understand jokes so I tend to take things literally. Autistic people are joke impaired I guess.

hah from one autist to another i know the feeling. try using someone else’s phone to light up the implant and take a photo using your phone. an iPhone may work best because the reader is at the top of the phone so you can get the light in the shot

I kinda thought that myself but it’s a fresh implant so I had to put my phone on it to get a better picture

That’s a more accurate way to prove it’s a implant it was painless but I did have swelling for 4 days.

Assuming things made me miss out on other things at least that was my experience when I assumed things about other people. You never know I might post another picture of my new implant tomorrow…

Ya the reading is better but the swelling was gone after 4 days. Unfortunately Motorola phones can have trouble reading these chips so I often have to put it against my arm for a light to pop up but I finally got it programmed to pop up YouTube when I scan it. I love chip he’s handy and I ordered a green model too haven’t decided yet where to put my 2nd one


Blue xSIID installed about three weeks ago. Right Hand, P0.


Working Great, installed 11/5/2022 in Spain, seems a bit hard to make a connection with this PN532 module, but works great!


Woo I’m blinking!