Side port on proxmark3 easy

I don’t have a pm3easy so i have no clue wtf this port could be… but it’s not the usb serial device port;

anyone know what this is for?

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Power. Specifically for using it in standalone mode, so you can plug it into a PC to download data while the battery is still attached. At least that is what I have seen it described as, I do not have one either (yet) so can’t confirm.

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makes sense… I was talking to someone that plugged it into their computer and the power LED came on, but no USB serial device showed up… wasn’t until they mentioned there was “another cable port” on the thing that we sorted it out.

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In theory yeah it’s a power bank port.

In practice, I can never get the PM3 to reconnect to the COM port after disconnecting it.

Duhhhh that makes sense

Not sure if this link helps:

Seems like you need to use the button to exit standalone mode to reconnect it to the client

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I was weirded out that mine didn’t come with the side port but apparently there are 2 versions of the PM3 Easy. Good thing I don’t need the other one :sweat: