Skydiving with an implant

Okay first, hey! Not dead and Nothing too new to report back on.

Anyway, I have been gifted the chance to fly… Well, fall in style at least.

For my upcoming 21st, My family has been generous enough to gift me a voucher to go skydiving. And it got me thinking about how my implant may react.

Now I am not worried that my hand will explode or anything, just very curious if this has been thought about before?

I know that the height that aeroplanes cruze at is about 30 - 36,000 ft and the highest you can skydive at is 35,000 ft (although that is not a common jump and I’m jumping at 14,000 ft) so unless I have somehow missed mass destruction of implants in biohackers who have flown on a plane, the altitude shouldn’t be an issue.

But aeroplanes pressurise the cabin to sit at a simulated 8,000 ft (75.3 Kpa {Absolute Atmospheric Pressure}) compared to 14,000 ft (69-57 Kpa {AAP})

And then there is temperature, as temps drop around 2 degrees C per 1,000 ft you go up. But I know amal has made hard implants that do really well in mid-high stress, and as long as I don’t go trying to smash my hand while I’m up in the cold where the glass could be more brittle (although I assume my body warmth and gloves etc will lower that risk) I should be good.

I know there is always a risk for everything, and I’m not really worried about the implant (Hell I’d be excited to do a write up if the altitude and temps cause any interesting sensations etc.) But I just wanted the advice and heads up from the community that is 100x smarter than I am in all things implants and their composition.

IIRC Rosco did some endurance tests back when I was still a lurker on the forum? Couldn’t seem to find it so if it is still around I’d love to recheck on that.

Thanks for reading! hopefully, I’m not just repeating questions asked before!

Given the destructive tests that @amal has carried out I think that you will be safe.

Unless you land directly on that hand, in which case you probably have other problems.

At 15,000 feet atmospheric pressure is about 57 kPa compared to 100 at sea level and 75 at 8,000 feet.


That’s a bit above the death zone, so yea I’d expect that to be uncommon lol

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Hi :grinning:

As an avid skydiver myself with more than 60 jumps under his belt and 2 implants in his hand (one being glass and the other being flexible )

I can assure you that nothing will happen to the implants.

Also i never felt anything change during a jump.
But tbh that can also be because of the adrenalin pumping trough me when i jump out of a perfectly working airplane :yum:

Have fun skydiving :grin::+1:t2:


If it’s any help I do high altitude research and I am often at altitudes of 12000-14000 ft ish? 3800 to 4400m (those I actually know). Although this is on land so I know its a bit different, but I have never had issues.


I was on hyper bar teraphy and implants are untouched all works great


I shoot a lot of rifles and handguns with both hands that have implants between the webbing of the thumb and pointer finger. Right where a gun or rifle grip would sit. I thought for sure it was going to break something the first time I tried it, but nope. It was fine and continues to be fine. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with skydiving, but I think it speaks to the durability of the implants.