Small to medium safes that work with NExT?

What safes are you guys using with your NExT implants?

I had a small Hornady pistol safe that worked if I held my had just right. But I just broke the electronics trying to modify it further. :frowning: I got my use out of it since I’ve had it for years.

I see posts showing that Quicksafes work. I may buy one of those RFID shelf safes.

Has anyone used any of the small to mid size safes in the $100-300 price range on Amazon? I would like to get something that works without modification if possible.

Quicksafes work with iso15693 like the xslx and RFID shelves tend to be 125lhz EM

Ahhh Maybe it was just the QuickShot by QuickSafes that used the NExT. I’ll keep looking for something that works with the T5577 or NTAG. It seems like a lot of Hornady safes use the EM4100, but they have difficulty reading the T5577 in the NExT.

QuickSafe RFID Vent Safe - RFID & NFC Chip Implants and Biohacking products says it works with NExT

That’s actually cool. But we just moved into a new house and my wife will get pissed if I start cutting into the wall right now. lol

I’m looking for a small lock box to hold a pistol or 2 next to the bed. An under the bed rifle box may work as well.

Oh sorry… I was thinking quicklock…

They make the gunbox safe and the padlock…

My 2 cents, build your own

If I can muddle my way through it, (with help from the forum :sweat_smile:) you can do it

The trick is just find something electronic that uses a solonoid, my pistol safe was a bit trickier because it used a motor with a cam

Normally I would just slap an XACV2 in there, but there’s currently a bit of a software but in it, looking to test a few in the coming months and if I can find a similar enough one minus the bug, use that…

You mentioned that you broke it,

What broke? You might be able to salvage it, if the solonoid still works

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I found this a while back, only a screen shot, but I’m gonna look more into when I decide to buy one.

Bolts to the bed frame

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Thank you @Pilgrimsmaster

If you are gonna modify something to read RFID for quick access, @vepr maybe this would work.

I’m also pretty basic, so idk.

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