Smaller magic ring = smaller operating range? Help with generic education locks

Hi everyone,

I have been in contact with Amal via email and he suggested I post this here.

The situation is… I have a size 12 and a size 10 ring (The size 12 was me being a fool and not realising the uni printers revert to default fit to page settings :cry: ). However this allowed me to realise that the size 12 ring has considerably better range. Amal told me this is due to the tighter curvature of the ring, which makes sense but the operating range of the size 10 on my battery powered kitchen lock is near unuseable (I just got it to scan but this is the first time and i tried holding it in the same place again and it didnt work, aka its a massive struggle esp when on finger).

Very generic (GoProTM (not really)) locks on my door and kitchen.

The size 12 ring on the kitchen door opens without any trouble:

The size 10 ring on the kitchen door doesn’t even register:

However the size 10 ring does work on my door key just with reduced range (makes it a bit awkward when its on my finger).

Does anyone have experience with these types of lock and small rings?


yeah no this is due to NSP door locks being a piece of shit

I’ve got the exact same ones and they function over an LPM making coupling dogshit.

the size in ring shouldn’t really affect its read range by any significant amount its just the doors are shit

Im sorry I dont know what LPM is but I can imagine they are the cheapest pieces of shit the uni could find lmao.

That’s really weird though because the size 12 works really well in comparison. It can still be slightly awkward at times, but the size 10 as seen in the video it wont even scan…

Have you found any way to make scanning more consistent?

finding the sweet spot is how i got mine to work perfectly, 12 and a 10 too

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LPM is low power mode, minimal energy until something enters the field and then it wakes up and starts communicating.

also check ur dump to make sure its good, keys are iffy

Ah I see, so if I hold it close for a while the range will increase?

yeah i used hf mf autopwn to get the contents of both keys and they are identical.

Would asking maintenance to replace the batteries help do you think?

if you hold it close then maybe, try rotating the ring to see if you can get a hit

and defo go for the battery replacement if you can, on these readers of ours first sign of death is poor door reading ability

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Alrighty, I will ask at reception tomorrow and get back to you. Thanks :slight_smile: