Smart door lock

Hello to everyone,

I am Giuliano, new member of the community, with a NeXt implanted last Friday!
I’d like, as first idea, to change my door lock and I’ve seen the We.Lock products on Amazon, like this one
Do you know if it is compatible with hf coil of my chip? Compatibility matrix does not tell it and I cannot understand if you can add tag, reading it from the lock itself.

Thanks to anyone and have a great day,


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if it’s not on the compatibility list, we won’t know… but it looks like they use the same keyfobs as samsung ezon which are mifare classic 4 byte ID chips. The flexM1 is the only thing that might exactly match that, but purchasing the lock and testing is the only way to know for sure.

The other aspect is antenna performance… you might find a compatible chip implant but if the antenna of the lock is garbage then it won’t work anyway.

Wow. The boss replied to my thread. That’s a honour for me, thanks!
I will test it and let the community know.

Hear you soon!

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we love data!! its all yummy