Smart ring Jakcom 4 and Yale Doorman

Hi, I am looking for info how to clone a Yale Doorman fob to my Jakcom 4 smart ring. The ring has 2 RFID sectors, IC and ID.
I have purchased en reader/copier buy don’t really know how to clone the secured fob…:thinking:

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Hello and welcome!

Just did some reading and unfortunately you won’t be able to use the smart ring with the yale doorman.

The ring contains a t5577 (lf or 125khz) emulator chip and a ntag213. This ring is almost identical to the NExT implant. The yale doorman on the other hand requires a mifare classic emulator in implant terms xM1 or flexM1 and others.

Check out this thread for useful information:

If your set on a ring take a look here (first link i found no affiliation)

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Thank you for the info! If I read it correctly, I should go for the “Normal GEN1 UID Changeable Ring” ?
I have to mention that I am no heal and all this is very new to me.
I managed to just about copy a standard door card to my ring and was hoping to complement with the Yale on the same ring.
But I can always use 2 rings;)
Just not sure about the cloning of the Yale tag - is it doable?

Thank you for the info :+1: Unfortunately the suggested ring is in Australia, I am in Sweden :hear_no_evil:
There are some hefty fees and hefty postage connected…
But i found this on Wish and wonder if the M1 function would be compatible with the Yale ??

:moneybag: Look what I found on Wish!

The answer is maybe :sweat_smile: they don’t give alot of info but if the “M1” portion allows cloning as it says then yes it should.

Hate to dissapoint you but bought this before my implants to try and it just did not work at all , maybe I had a faulty one but just saying :-/

Thanks for the update! I know how it feels when they sell a fake ring…I bought 2 other brands before just to find out they didn’t work att all- totally dead :hear_no_evil:

I’ll give it a shot and hope it’s not a fake ring :hear_no_evil:

New info i just received from the Jakcom R4 manufacturer. Copied:

"IC card module:
It is equivalent to a repeatable read-write IC card and supports the stimulation of M1 (Mifare1) IC cards of 13.56MHz.

Best regards,
Jakcom Technology"

I think that should do it for cloning the M1 Yale fob, or am I wrong ?

Sounds right

Hi, Rosco wrote a whole thing about his Yale doorman door lock and how the cloning worked after being a royal pain. That will probably be helpful for you. Also hi from Sweden :slight_smile:

Thank you :+1:
Is there link to Rosco’s thread somewhere ? I am new to this forum :thinking:
Hälsningar !!

Sorry I’m on mobile and most things are 10x harder here’s a link I think is the right one Yale Doorman V2N cracking by iceman but @anon3825968 might be able to better point you to the thread

Thank you!

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