Smartlock signal from wireless keypad

Nonsensical blabber. Any known round about way to use Tile like card to open August lock based on proximity, or anything that doesn’t involve programming. VIvoKey, that TIle ard with dounle tap to ring phone.

I’m all about autonomy and security. I am sick of using my phone for everything but a phone. I was on here in a panic one night cloning key fobs. We lived house life too long, forgot that condo life at HOA members that outside remain pristine and identical.
That being said I began trying to find the perfect smart lock to piss off my typical old lady, who is in this new world where though is gone and smartphones rule the earth. Lockly vision was great, query logic on that was various biometrics and time of day or other could determine the expected cry, scream, and

Phone has my phone, texting, emailing, video chats, tv remote, map, wallet, keys, biometrics of voice, face, iris, finger prints, and now I speak more to Google than most other humans or other.

Pointes rant. Settle on Augut deadbolt lock, coming from our home which based multiple factors of biometrics, spoken phrases to match voice, and actual autonomy. Through all th various partners, yonomi, IFTTT, compatible with wifi cards/tags. Even the wireless keypad must be able to be cloned after entry of code., or maybe api with then or control 4.

Unless someone knows of something with August works? If I have to pull out my phone to do my life, pretty soon the phone won’t need me.

SORRY, lol