Smartwatch interference?

I’m thinking about purchasing an xNT implant and trying to work out kinks before I purchase and I realized that both the implant and my smartwatch use the same 13.56MHz frequency. Both will be on the same hand. Will they interfere with each other when I’m using wireless pay or mess with the chip scanner?

Depends on where you place the chip. X series implants have a relatively sort range so I don’t think that it’ll give you any problems. But you can test this by placing your hand on a reader and checking if the watch is far enough.


Assuming you installed the xNT in the “standard” positions of L0 or R0 (in the fleshy area between your thumb and pointer finger), you definitely won’t have any issues. Even with an implant right next to a smartwatch, I wouldn’t expect issues. I have a Fitbit Versa with Fitbit Wallet, and I haven’t had any issues with it.

One thing to keep in mind is coupling (how an RFID device and the reader connect with each other). Standard glass implants like the xNT couple well enough with most devices. However, it’s still much worse than a flat NFC tag, or with an active device (like an Apple watch, phone, etc). Any tiny amount of interference that could possibly be introduced will be drowned out by your watch.

Also, readers, especially payment scanners, have something called anti-collision. Even if multiple tags are in a reader’s field, it can pick out the one it wants. It can tell the difference between a payment chip and a generic NFC tag.

The only issue you could have is with a really powerful reader that you’re using for an implant, it might try and read your watch instead of the implant. This will occasionally happen with my Fitbit with the Dangerous Things KBR1, but it’s easy to avoid, and you get used to positioning your hand.