Sniffing techniques and devices

hi, i have a proxmark 3 easy and i would like to know how it is possible and with which devices to do the sniffing. i would like a portable windows or linux device but something manageable like a smartphone to connect the proxmark to. or if you have better ideas than the icopy x and especially cheaper ones, welcome :wink: of course also advice on distance from the reader and linux versions etc

Got an android phone?


No but I could, what do you recommend?

I’m not sure I’d recommend buying an android phone as a first step, but if you had one you could run the PM3 through that.

In the meantime, you could check out standalone modes:

Though I haven’t played with them much


What’s the recommended way to use the proxmark with android? Termux or is there a different app?
The standalone mode is neat, I’ll need to dig into that. Thanks for posting, I had no idea it existed


Termux is the way I recommend, but I don’t promise it’s the usually recommended way

If you’re not rooted you’ll also need a TCP/UDP Bridge app, here’s some more info:

I think there are some other apps you can use, especially if you have a bluetooth PM3, but I prefer to keep it simple


I’ve actually started a How To Install guide, just to make it easy to follow, and solely focused on the PM3 Easy no Bluetooth.

I just need to Tidy it up, Take some screenshots and do a fresh install to make sure it flows correctly.

It is one of my SIXTEEN draft posts/ threads…:hamster_emoji_gif:


If only we had a wiki :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, that would be a great resource whenever you have some spare time to finish it. Really a shame time is such a limited resource


@Equipter do you have recommendations about?
@Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha now my proxmark easy has this firmware flashed: rrg_other-20240427-2bc7c5030234e43a1436d98bb7f5fec34802f29c
does this already contain a standalone mode for sniffing or do I have to flash another code from that list?

It sounds like you have to flash the specific standalone mode, there’s instructions towards the bottom of the link I sent earlier

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i dont know if any of the standalone modes support sniffing in the way that we need it. the only one I’m aware of that sniffs & saves for later decoding is HF_14ASNIFF which is an RDV4 only standalone mode.

without a standalone mode you can do sniffing super easy.
hf 14a sniff -r -c
place the proxmark in between the reader and card in a sandwich, tap the card|proxmark sandwich to the reader, it should authenticate
press enter to kill the sniff
once the sniff has finished just for prosperity do trace save -f mfcsniff so we will never lose this trace.
do hf mf list to see the trace in a mifare classic context.

if you are comfortable I would recommend sending the file here, if you don’t want it public you can also send it to me directly on the forum private messaging, ill take a look at it and see what we can extract from the sniff


Thank you so much but now I have only a proxmark easy, given the results obtained for the key cloning, I am evaluating the purchase of something more versatile, I would have liked to try with this one that I already have. Thank you very much for your availability

my proxmark v3 easy has a micro usb port for a power bank so it seems to be designed for stand-alone use, am I wrong?

yes it can do standalone modes but not all of the standalone modes work on the pm3 easy due to no SPI flash