So I got impatient

So it happened! Decided I couldn’t wait till this Covid shit blows over :joy:
Finally a cyborg!!!
Seems to be reading easy via the nfc app but not the iPhone itself. So gotta wait till it heals! But decided to posy it here as part of the right of passage :joy::joy:


You really should remove the syringe now, it’ll heal better :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club.


Am I not meant to leave that needle in permanently?! I thought it looked more robotic😂




Definitely leave it in, but you need to turn the sharp bit to the outside.

Like this.


Well done and congrats!


I was the same I couldn’t wait :joy: so I implanted th xNT and xEM myself. It’s kind of exhilarating to do on your own. The readability will get better as it heals, at least mine did.

giphy (29)


I’m kind of in the same boat here in Northeast PA. I got my NeXT and Vivo Spark sitting here waiting for me now. The closest implant partner is about 2 hours away and is quite doable if they were open right now. I’ve watched many videos but still afraid I’ll screw it up trying to do it myself. I can’t wait to start using it with my new NFC readers and integrate it into my existing home RFID access control system. Any suggestions? Thanks! :wink:

Unfortunately I think you already know the ideas!

You’ve got two options and the decision is all yours - either you self/assisted implant or you wait it out for a professional.

If you decide to wait and want to play in the meantime, I think RFID wrist bands are awesome ‘bridging’ fobs - my mum has one since she doesn’t want an implant but wants the convenience of just waiving her hand - could make the wait less painful, but with shipping times at the moment it’s probably a moot point