So many question

  1. I must have a Blue cloner to emule a card with next?
  2. If I accidentally format my spark2 with NFC tool will it still work?
  3. How many emultaion ID can next contain?
  4. If i write on spark2 with vivokey app a YT URl and a IG account and then I scan Spark2 which link pop up IG or YT)?
  5. Which chip I should have to use RFID KBR1 reader and unlock my PC?

1 no, a proxmark would be better, you need such a device once to write the ID to the chip
2 yes
3 1? the xEM can have 1 cloned card on it
4 what you saved last, you can only set 1 url
5 every HF implant should work, NExT’s xNT side will work

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please dont use a blue cloner on an implant

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Cosa potrei usare ?

For the 1) Can I use a Phone ?

Well, yes that is sort of true, but it depends on the cards really.

The NeXT has an NTag216 and a T5577. If you have one HF card system and one LF card system you could use a NeXT for both. But that would be a special case.

If you have to emulate multiple HF cards you can use a Chameleon for up to 8. But that is not implantable. Otherwise you need a 1:1 card implant ratio (although you can mix some hf/lf combos)

So if i will emule a work badge on It then i will able to unlock my PC with DT KBR1?

The Blue cloner is harder to position with an implant, and will password protect the implant at the same time.

You could try using the RRG RFID-Tools android app with a phone. I have never used it with a phone with NFC so I don’t know what it can do. If you need to clone a LF card your best option is a Proxmark3 Easy.

OBO HANDS Inglese Rfid NFC Copier Reader Writer Duplicatore 10 Programmatore di frequenza con Schermo a Colori + 5pcs EM4305 Card + 5pcsT5577 Keyfob + 5Pcs UID Keyfob

Won’t It work?

Use this instead


If your work badge is Low Frequency (LF) like an HID or Indala then you can clone that to the T5577 and the KBR1 would still pull the HF UID from the NTag 216.

If your work badge is HF then you would have to get the NTag enrolled in your work system.

(Thanks @amal for adding that link)

So,Imagine this:
My Spark2 and NeXT are implanted,what someone has to do at first?

And NFC Tool can tell me if my badge Is LF or HF?

That is a white cloner, they appear to be even less popular than the blue cloner.

For both HF and LF the Proxmark3 Easy is your best low cost option.

Meno popolari significa che funzionano peggio?

NFC Tools can be used to scan your badge. If it doesn’t find anything then it is probably LF.

But I won’t guarantee it.

NFC is always HF.

Stupid example: can i emulate an Amiibo tag on a next?

The White cloner comes in several varieties, some have better range but worse software, others have worse range but better software. They always password protect the chip when they write to it.

The Proxmark3 Easy really is your best option. The Blue Cloner is your next best. If you have money to spend then the Proxmark3 RDV4 is the best choice but it is much more expensive. If you are going to buy a Blue Cloner then you should buy it from DT. They are also a good source for a good quality Proxmark3 Easy.

can i emulate an Amiibo tag on a next?

You will probably brick it when you try.

Tu cosa faresti avendo uno Spark2 ed un next?

I will leave others to answer that question as I have no implants. :unicorn_shock_surprise: