So, what CAN an iPhone do?

so, i know iPhones have really limited NFC capabilities. what kind of things can they scan?

i have an android phone myself, but many people i know have iPhones, and i figure if i put info on my NExT that all phones can read, it would be best.

basically, could an iPhone receive a vcard through NFC?

iphones can read and write vcard or other data from the NFC side of the NExT just fine, they just require an app to do so.
Something like NFC Tools, works just fine.

Any iPhone after the 7 will read a URI record from the home screen (without an app)

Nope. Only XS and newer do support background tag reading. iPhone 7, 8, X require an app.

If you have iOS 13.

iPhones that support reading and writing NDEF-formatted tags with apps like NFC Tools:
iPhone 7/7+
iPhone 8/8+
iPhone X
iPhone XS/XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max

iPhone models that additionally support background tag reading* are bold in the list.

*By background tag reading I mean:

  1. Reading NDEF-encoded links (NO vcards). No camera should be opened, screen must be on (you can read tags even before unlocking, just turn on the screen)
  2. Configuring ANY ISO14443 tag as Shortcuts app trigger (e.g. turn on wifi, play music when tag is detected)

iPhone 6/6+, 6s/6s+, SE and Apple Watch also have NFC but only for Apple Pay.


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