So what’s next?

So what’s next? What do you guys suggest? I want to use this to open my car doors now😂 how does that work for my wife, who doesn’t have the implant? I also want to store medical information on it.

Many applications to choose from. But bear in mind that you’ll only be able to do two at the same time with a single implant: one data-related application (NDEF, crypto key storage or whatever) and one “dumb UID” application (locks, simple logins and such). If you’re a programmer and you’re willing to code your own custom thing, you can do more things. But with readily-available apps and products, that’s it.

So you need to choose what you want to do - unless of course you don’t mind reformating the implant’s storage space regularly to reconfigure it for another usage.

Also, bear in mind that if you want to store stuff on the implant itself - as opposed to a link that points to something on the internet - the amount of memory is rather limited.

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I should perhaps clarify that it’s not as limited as I make it sound.

For instance: I use my flexNT to share my vCard (data), but also to log into my computer at home, at work, the server at work, open my locker and my office door at work and my padlock (dumb UID application, but several dumb devices). It also logs me into my bank account (dumb too - through a Tasker script).

To do more “data” stuff, unfortunately I need more implants. So my flexDF2 serves up my COVID certificate, and also does operate all the aforementioned dumb devices.

My IAR M1k also does “data” stuff, but sadly it’s reserved for one single type of lock (my front door lock and the lock on my shed) because that particular lock model reads and writes data on it. I.e. it is a true “smart” lock. But the M1k, again, also actuates the aforementioned dumb devices. But that implant is just for locks, smart or dumb.

Etc etc. When you want to do something other than the two application duties you current implant will undertake, you’ll need another one.