SoCal grinders?

Anyone in Southern California thinking about getting a chip implant sometime in the next couple of months? I’m a journalist at USC and would love to follow along with someone’s journey. Working on a Master’s thesis documentary about chip implants. Please feel free to get in touch with me if interested, thanks!


There are actually not too many active members I can think of in California…

3 off the top of my head
one of those in San Fran

so the other 2
@leumas95 and @Drwolfsburg in Cali

also @BioBeehive in Vegas… if you wanted an excuse…

Again, those are the ones off the top of my head, so there are likely more.

Probably more in this discord server, I am not familiar with many from there…but you will likely find @leumas95 there, so you could ping or DM him


You can always get one for yourself but I’m not sure if that’ll help with your thesis.

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But a bloody :drop_of_blood: good idea :bulb:
What’s better than a First Hand experience :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: so to speak…


You might need to get someone else to film it though.

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They are named TheBorg

Although I am tempted to get one…My goal is to showcase the biohacking and grinder community, and I’m not really part of the community myself!

If any more California acquaintances come to mind who are thinking about getting a chip implant, whether it’s their first or one of many, do let me know! Thank you!


You can’t showcase it better than by being a part of it. Worst case, you’re not interested ultimately and you’ll forget about your implant. Or it’ll stay under your skin as a memento of your thesis - something you can show your children some day. Or you can simply have it removed. Both the installation and the removal are rather trivial.

Anyway, if you would like to try being part of our little group, you’re welcome with open arms :slight_smile:

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Feel free to share as much/little as you want.

First, welcome. Hope you can get what you need from here, people here are good folk.

Second, I hope this isn’t the only community you are seeking out, is a less active, but more grinder site. You might find stuff there you wrinkle your eyebrows at.

Third, When in Rome.

I will pay $5 -10 to a fund for your first implant.


Hey, I’m not even close to Southern California… And I’d match your contribution. So I guess we’re at $20 so far. :smiling_imp:

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I’m also up in SF. I have 7 implants, the oldest of which has been installed for 11 years. I’ve pre-ordered the Apex Flex and will be getting that installed when it ships. :soon:

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I mean I’m in CenCal near San Luis Obispo if you are still searching, I have second implant waiting to be put in. probably going to do it myself too @TheBorg

My first thought here was, “Join us!”
Looks like everybody else beat me to it. Still, consider it.

Looks like a 2.5 hour plane trip to Portland. Maybe you could talk Amal into an interview?

Amal is N of Seattle so about an hour longer on the plane.

But worth it if he is willing to do an interview.

@TheBorg I will be moving to SoCal (Pasadena) in a week and I would be willing to help you if needed. I don’t currently have any chips that I am waiting to install (or much money to buy one), but that could change I guess.

I also have installed all of my chips myself, so I’m not sure if you wanted the install to happen at a piercing shop or not or if you care. I also just realized that this post is a couple months old, ooops.


Haha, That’s nothing…
You’re all good :+1:

Dammnit. :woozy_face: