Software for Windows

I’m looking for a software to assign a specific action when I’m using my implantation on the acr122u. For example: start a program or open the mail box.
Like the NFC tools app for Android.

I don’t know of anything like that. Anyone feel like making it?

this one works well:

(its free)

Ah great. I’ve suggested it before for various tag programming tasks but was unaware it could also function as a launcher.

For a time there was also Touch-A-Tag but it never really took root.

I installed GoToTags (and reluctantly installed the required .NET update) only to find out it doesn’t work with password protected tags. (AKA tags that have been protected with DNFC app)

I purchased the ACR122U thinking it would work like the 125kz USB reader I bought, and just spit out tag ID as a HID device. But alas, it does not, understandably so since NFC is more complex… I wonder how to interface with the reader… hmm.

If I scan my S7, GoToTags says the tag type is not supported… weird. Guess you get what you pay for.

Well I have a couple tidbits that might make you smile… eventually…

  1. We have a USB reader in production now that will read ISO14443A tags and spit out the UID as if an attached keyboard typed it out… no special drivers or software required. Lead times are a few weeks but keep an eye on the electronics section for it. The really great news is that the antenna inside is really well done and reads the xNT implant without any fuss at all… really good performance.

  2. I’m really bummed out by GoToTags not following NFC spec… so much so that I’m very close to tossing a GitHub repo together with a bunch of crappy .NET source code I put together to interface with the ACR122U (and other PC/SC compliant readers) to do mass programming of tags… only to find out the project got scrapped. Anyway, it would be a good starting point for a Windows based software package for PC/SC readers to read and write xNT and flexNT tags… maybe even move into managing the DESFire EV1 in flexDF tags… who knows. If that were to become a thing, what features would you want and do you know anyone that could help spice it up? I think it’s VB.NET or C#… one of those two… probably VB.NET to be honest… anyway, let me know your thoughts.