[SOLUTION] OTP on iOS (FlexOne Beta) X-POST

Hi there! This is for the fellow FlexOne Beta-Tester with an iOS Device and a working Flexone (P60 chip).

I found a neat workaround to use the OTP-Applet on an iPhone:
Hi there! :slight_smile:
I stumbled on a solution it may could be of interest for few people here:

In the Fidesmo store you can choose between 2 different OTP applets: The vivokey and the fidesmo one.

The Fidesmo one works flawlessly with the yubico authenticator on iOS.

So for you, fellow iPhone-Users, you can use this option. :slight_smile:

Hopefully this is useful for someone. :slight_smile:

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I think there was a VivoKey fork of yubico Authenticator some time ago, maybe that VK OTP applet is for that?

It is, tho they never bothered to port it to iOS. I started once, but didn’t really find time to continue. Yesterday i wanted to give it again a look and figured out, that the Fidesmo applet works out of the box.
Still. Im wondering why the heck they changed the parameters.

Compatibility with already existing solutions is kinda important in such a small market.

Because fidesmo required it at the time. We’re only really entitled to use AIDs we own.

Ok I get that. Well at least its working this way. :slight_smile: