Some help sussing out this Proxmark3 Easy

Would someone mind giving this link (AliExpress listing) a once-over and let me know if it’s the right thing to buy? I have a NeXT and xEM on the way soon and I’m hoping to tinker a bit down the road. I just have a tonne of reading to do as I’m a complete noob. But for $50? Seems a good deal.

Also - if I’m just gonna be writing to an xEM, is there much of a necessity to grab a 512k over the 256k? I mean… it’s a difference of $2 or so - but I did read a Proxmark3 Easy beginner’s guide that mentioned firmwares (Iceman?) were nearing the 256k size so a 512k is recommended - other than that, any reason?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Also found this one from seller PiSwords which I think I saw mentioned on this forum. Any one over the other? (PiSwords offers flashing which would be nice I guess :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Personally, I would go for the PiSwords product.
I have bought Dual Frequency Tags from them for testing and there were quick delivery and a great product. I would buy from PiSwords again.
I am actaully thinking about getting an EASY, just because it is so cheap, If I do, I will buy from them.
Definitely go for the Iceman flash, saving you to do it yourself.

I’m not sure how often you have used AliExpress, I use it A LOT; I have not had to dispute many orders, But when I have done so, I have been happy with the results.

That’s is

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Awesome, thanks! I’ll grab the PiSwords one for sure :upside_down_face:

And yeah, I’ve uaed AliExpress a tonne both in Australia and in Canada (takes about 20x longer to receive things in Canada though!) … I’ve also had a pretty good time with disputes and refunds.

Thanks for the input! Now… to reading!

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Here are the posts you probably saw

Enjoy your reading, actually, let me find you a post, that will be very useful… Back shortly, I will update this post with the link

UPDATE @ithritin
I am not sure if you have seen or read this post by @identity, he recorded his journey including Success’ and failures, from new implantee to Noob with Proxmax to proficient with Proxmark, over about a month.
Easier read than reading a bunch of instruction “manuals”
HERE is the link


Thank you!!
Proxmark ordered. Link bookmarked.

Jeez I love this community :black_heart:


Yeah @identity did a great job recording and sharing his experience.
Heaps of great learnings in a well structured Thread


Thanks to both @anon2520759 and @Pilgrimsmaster for this info! Ordered a PiSwords Proxmark today


Awesome, Which version did you buy? Bundle 1 or Bundle 2
Did you get or ask for Iceman Fork?

I’m afraid to say you lost me on the bundle #. I got the one labeled

Latest proxmark3 develop suit Kits 3.0 proxmark NFC PM3 RFID reader writer for NFC card copier clone crack update verison 512K

I did ask for the Iceman firmware even though it said it would come with that just to be sure.

  1. Bundle1 has 2 USB Ports: one is for powerbank, another can be off-line sniffing, office 2.0 firmware installed

  2. Bundle2 has 1 USB ports, Iceman firmware installed

No stress either way,
the differences as stated above, and both can have the Iceman fork on it ( Modified software by very experienced PM guru )
The only downside to the iceman fork, (as far as I am aware) is the inability to be used via your phone ( currently ) where as the original software (2.0) can