Some noob questions

Hi all! Sorry if I repeat any questions, just couldn’t find some of the answers scouting around.
So I’m planning on getting the NExT implant to use as a key fob for not only my uni accom key but also to actually activate some animatronics of mine (I’d also like it to be able to distribute links and stuff if scanned by a phone).

Would it be capable of doing all these things or can it only be programmed to do one thing at a time? (how complicated is reprogramming?)

Functionally, I also only own apple products (handmedowns) can I run everything I to to manage my implant on these? I know iPhones can’t really read nfc tags (why is that?)

Also, out of curiosity, to the people who have multiple implants around their body. What do you use them for and how does that impact placement? I ask because I want to be able to interact with my animatronics in a performative way so placement is kind of important in that way.

Anyway guys I’m just super excited to be a cyborg :slight_smile:

I can speak on two things:

iPhones have limited NFC capabilities due to Apple’s lockdown of iOS. You can look here to see what the limitations are. Basic things like weblinks, phone numbers, and emails can be read, but virtual business cards are not supported.

The NExT implant has two “sides” of it. The Low Frequency side and the High Frequency (what most people refer to as NFC) side. Both sides can be independently programed/read from each other. For example, the HF side of my NExT is set up to send people to one of my social media links, and the LF side is programed to my work ID badge.

Reprogramming is pretty straightforward with devices like the Proxmark3 that DT also sells. I don’t know your level of programming skills, but if you can follow instructions as well as I can, this guide is your gateway to reprogramming the implant to whatever you desire.

Hopefully this helps!

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(I assume you have it implanted between your thumb and index)
Are you able to scan through your palm? Which side has the best range?
I have an art piece that’s an orb and I’d like to able to place my hand flat on top or below (directly on a sensor) to activate it. Would that be possible? I know that was possible with the FlexNExT rip


Range is heavily dependent on the reader’s power from my perspective, but take that with a grain of salt. If my phone has a case on, it cannot read my implant at all (I use a thick DBrand case, so that’s expected). My job’s badge reader needs me almost touching the reader to read. I haven’t really looked into which side has the best range for my use cases, but I’m also a very basic user compared to some on this forum.

Depending on how this the skin is between your implant and the reader, your mileage may vary

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It’s more nuanced than that,

iOS doesn’t support vcard files,
(I think there was an old enough version that was supported, but I’d have to find that thread I only remember bits and pieces of that)

But you can don business cards using link services like linktree or popl etc and just load the url onto the chip

It’s more nuanced than that,

iOS does not allow the NFC stack access to the address book, which is why it cannot process vcard files in a meaningful way.

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