Some reviews of items recently purchased and a personal update

I recently upgraded my bike tyres to the maxxis crossmark 2. I am now about 10% or 5.5 seconds faster on my local pump track, and feel like I have better cornering. Attached are photos of the old vs new tire, and a reminder to replace balding tires.Please do not delay like me and pay the price of control, especially on a pump track where accidents are more likely. I suppose I was lucky not to slip in a wet day and get an infected wound.

Next, I moved from a king single mattres to a hammock with a bug net and a regular tarp, as well as a sleeping bag for warmth. It has done wonders for my painful back and the rain helps me sleep without me playing thunderstorm sounds as I sleep. It’s been a week and I am the best rested that I have been all year. I would strongly recommend that people try a hammock, as long as you position yourself on it properly.( one end about 50 cm higher than the other, feet facing higher end, and sleeping at a 30 degree angle) pictures attached.

Personal stuff: school has ended today, and I am going for a 6 week break before doing year 9. I hope this time next year I will have the job I am aiming for so that I can start investing in a few index funds. Compound interest does wonders, and saving early is better than late in my opinion. I suppose another update will be coming in a few months, and hopefully there is a payment apex at the end of it!
P.s. sorry about photo lighting, this was done at dusk, and I had to use the camera flash.